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Penn Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program

Who We Are

The Penn ADHD Treatment & Research Program was founded in 1999 with a commitment to excellence in both research and clinical service. We specialize in assessing and treating older adolescents and adults (generally age 18 and older) who have difficulties related to ADHD.

The program offers diagnostic assessment, consultation and recommendations, specialized treatment, and access to clinical research protocols, whenever they are available.

Anthony L. Rostain, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, and J. Russell Ramsay, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry are the co-founders and Co-Directors of the Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program. Both Drs. Rostain and Ramsay lecture to professional and lay audiences around the world on the topic of ADHD and have written extensively on the subject.

Drs. Rostain and Ramsay have developed a program for treating adults with ADHD that combines personalized Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and medication management. This combined treatment has been shown not only to reduce the core symptoms of ADHD but more importantly, to address and manage the day-to-day impairments of ADHD. Patients usually benefit through an improved quality of life while experiencing fewer difficulties with other psychiatric disorders that often accompany ADHD, such as depression and anxiety.

Drs. Rostain and Ramsay have published their approach in the book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An Integrative Psychosocial and Medical Approach (2008, Routledge), which provides valuable guidance for clinicians in treating patients in an effective and time-efficient manner. The book is a useful resource for patients who would like a better understanding of ADHD and its treatment.

More recently, Dr. Ramsay has published the book, Nonmedication Treatments for Adult ADHD: Evaluating Impact on Daily Functioning and Well-Being (2010, American Psychological Association), which provides a thorough review of the types of adjunctive treatments that are available for adult ADHD as well as the research behind them. This book is a useful resource for understanding the different treatment options that are currently available.

The Adult ADHD Treatment & Research Program offers psychosocial and psychiatric treatment of adult ADHD. Within the psychosocial treatment domain, additional treatment options may be available, such as group therapy, relationship and family counseling, and academic counseling and career planning (the latter within the context of CBT), though it is wise to check with the program regarding the current availability of these specialized options.

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