Office of Admissions and Financial Aid


In selecting applicants for admission, the Perelman School of Medicine will emphasize those qualities of motivation, intellect, and character essential to the physician. Consideration will also be given to special features of background and experience which may contribute to a candidate's potential for a medical career. Because physicians must be able to offer care to those who are ill, applicants should give evidence of their capacity to deal effectively with other people. They must also be able to organize their activities, set priorities, accept responsibility, and function under stress.


Because the undergraduate years provide a unique educational opportunity, those who are planning a career in medicine are encouraged to choose courses and independent study according to their own interests. The Committee on Admissions has no preference regarding the area of concentration, whether it be in the natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, or the arts. Students should approach their chosen field in a scholarly fashion and should demonstrate excellence in whatever course of study they pursue.


The dependence of medicine upon scientific knowledge makes it essential for applicants to be able and comfortable working in the sciences and familiar with the basic principles of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Although the curriculum takes into account the varied backgrounds of entering students, all should have an appreciation of how new knowledge is obtained, analyzed, and interpreted through the methods of descriptive and analytical research.


The faculty of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have developed technical standards for medical school admissions and degree completion.  The technical standards are printed on the admissions web site at

Page Updated: 11-Sep-2013