Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Perelman School of Medicine have prerequisite courses? No specific courses are required but competency in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics must be demonstrated. Please coordinate with your pre-health advisor for undergraduate requirements.

Are courses taken at a community college accepted? College classes taken in high school and transferred into your four year institution must appear on a transcript. Students must complete higher level study in the sciences with labs. Please coordinate with your pre-health advisor to establish competency.

Are advanced placement (AP) classes accepted? Yes, if visible on your transcripts.

What is the earliest MCAT accepted? How long is my MCAT score valid? Three years from the application date. NOT matriculation date.

Will Perelman accept the old MCAT exam? Yes, both old and new MCAT exams are accepted.

Is there a minimum GPA/MCAT score? The range of the 2014 class was GPA: 3.31-4.00 MCAT 31-43.

What are the application deadlines? The primary AMCAS application must be submitted by October 15. The secondary application and supporting materials must be received by November 15.

I received my degree outside the US or Canada, can I apply? A student that received a bachelors degree outside the US or Canada must complete a full-time year of science coursework before you apply.

Does Perelman accept international students? Yes, the admissions standards are the same for all students. However, no federal financial aid can be given and four years of medical school tuition must be shown in an escrow account.

Does Perelman have an early decision program (EDP)? Yes, but very limited in scope. Students must meet the average GPA and MCAT, provide a CV, and have valid reasons for matriculating into Penn.

When can I visit? We host information sessions in May, June, and July of each year. Pre-registration is encouraged and can be done on the admissions home page. Once dates are available, they will be posted on the admissions home page.

Can I be considered for both MD & MD/PhD? Applicants must select one program: MD or MD/PhD, and changes can occur until November 1. Applicants are not considered for admissions into both programs.

Can I apply MD Grad? How do I apply for a Master's degree? Yes, you can select a Master's program during your primary AMCAS application; although it's not required. Students apply for the Master's degree after matriculation into medical school. Traditionally, around the second year.

I have been out of school for some time. Are there alternatives to the letters of recommendation requirement for non-traditional applicants? No, applicants must provide academic references, one of whom is from a science discipline. If necessary, applicants may have to re-enroll in science coursework to refresh knowledge and obtain a letter.


Page Updated: 10-Jun-2015