Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Application Procedure

Application to the Perelman School of Medicine is made through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The deadline for the submission of an AMCAS application is October 15.

All verified applicants applying to the Perelman School of Medicine will receive a supplemental application. The application fee is $80 and is non-refundable. This fee is waived for all applicants who are granted an AMCAS fee waiver (FAP). Letters of recommendation and a MCAT score are also required to complete the application process.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to provide maximum time for the AMCAS verification process as well as the recipt of required letters of recommendation. A complete application for admission include:

  1. Verified AMCAS application
  2. Supplemental application
  3. Required Letters of Recommendation (see below)
  4. MCAT score
  5. Application fee

All applications must be complete with all application materials by November 15 11:59pm EST. Dealine dates are strictly enforced in all phases of the process.

Interviews are granted by invitation only and occur between September and January. The interview program takes place on select dates identified by the Office of Admissions and are one-on-one interviews with faculty and students. MD/PhD interviews are scheduled by graduate group in conjunction with medical school interviews. Only students who have been interviewed are considered for admission into the entering class. The School has a single admission date in March for both programs. The Committee on Admissions uses a holistic review process in assessing applicants for interview and selection. This process includes personal attributes, life experiences, overcoming obstacles, as well as academic strength.

All letters of recommendation (either required or supplemental) must be submitted to AMCAS. Academic letters are essential. Letters must be submitted from any institution in which you are currently enrolled, have completed a program or have received a degree. Options to file the required letters of recommendation requirements are:


All letters must be on official stationary and have a signature. Additional letters of recommendation or personal updates to the application can be added to your application at any time. The applicant can personally upload any updates directly into the application using the on-line status page. Applicants who have previously applied for admission to the School must resubmit required letters of recommendation.

Early Decision Program

Penn/Perelman has a small, selective Early Decision Program. Successful EDP candidates should meet the median GPA (3.83) and MCAT (37) scores of the entering class. EDP applications must be completed with all data including MCATs by August 1. Candidates considering applying through the EDP process should consult with the Office of Admissions prior to June 15 of the year in which they wish to matriculate.

Admission with Advanced Standing

There is no advanced standing admissions program at the School.

Page Updated: 10-Jun-2015