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The Curriculum Overview and Outcomes

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview:

This curriculum uniquely prepares students by integrating basic and clinical science throughout all years of medical education, by providing students the flexibility and time to take advantage of the university's myriad opportunities including dual degrees, and promoting participation in community service and global health experiences.

The program relies on small group sessions, a team approach and self-directed learning to prepare graduates for the rigors and realities of medicine today. Students leave with the analytical tools and flexible attitudes needed to pursue careers of leadership and excellence in all areas of medicine.

Student education is also enriched by having the undergraduate school and twelve graduate schools integrated on one campus in one geographical location which enables students to participate in university courses, activities, and partnerships.

Penn gives students an advantage known at few other medical schools — time and flexibility to customize your medical education to meet specific interests and career goals as well as limitless opportunities for career development.

Curriculum Outcomes:

Residency Placement - Our graduates receive positions at the nation's top medical academic centers in all specialties.

USMLE - The mean score of our graduates exceed the 90th percentile.

External Scholarship/Awards - Forty percent of the students receive external funding by extending their education into the fifth year.

Global Health - Twenty-five percent of our students spend time studying medicine abroad.

Community Initiatives - Students can participate in more than ten community partnerships.

Research Recognition - About one fifth of our students speak by invitation at major national medical meetings.

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