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Medical students are encouraged to expand the intellectual base of their individual learning, both in areas of evident medical relevance and in the limitless range of arts and sciences. The walking distance between the University's facilities makes it possible for students to continue their liberal education for another four years, if they should choose to do so. The "One University Concept" allows medical students to take courses in another division of the University without additional cost. For more information please visit the Additional Course Policy on the Student Portal at


The Biomedical Library of the Perelman School of Medicine is located in the Johnson Pavilion and adjacent to Stemmler Hall, is the primary library for the Medical Center. The library's mission is to support research, education and clinical decision-making. The library provides conference and study rooms, a restricted-access reading area, a microcomputer training laboratory, and audio-visual carrels. The Biomedical Library also facilitates access to a broad range of resources available on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

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