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  • 03/01/17
    Actor David Cassidy, in an emotional appearance on Dr. Phil Wednesday, talked about his memory loss that started in his early 60s. Neurologists at University of Pennsylvania are finding new ways to diagnose and treat the various forms of dementia early.
  • 02/24/17
    The announcement came the day before Thanksgiving, but there was nothing in it to be thankful for: An experimental Alzheimer’s drug many thought would slow the disease’s steady cognitive decline had failed to make a significant difference in a massive trial of people with early signs of the illness.
  • 02/11/17
    “THE older the wiser” may ring true for much of life, but not for our ability to handle money. Studies suggest financial decision-making ability tends to reach its peak in a person’s mid-50s, after when deterioration sets in.
  • 02/09/17
    I saw a new patient the other week. She'd already been worked up for her memory problems, but, her husband explained, that work-up concluded not with a diagnosis, but with a prescription for an antibiotic.
  • 01/22/17
    You walk into a room and can’t remember what you went there for. You forget someone’s name. You can’t recall the word for something. Is it the normal forgetfulness that goes with aging, or something more serious?

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