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Young Investigator Spotlight Application

We are accepting applications by independent Young Investigators to be considered for a Spotlight presentation. Applications are due by August 1, 2018. Selection is based on the promise, productivity and creativity of the research direction. The Young Investigator chosen for the Spotlight presentation will be announced to the attendees at the APAN meeting and will give the Young Investigator Spotlight talk at APAN 2018 in San Diego, CA. Eligibility and submission requirement information are listed below.

Candidates MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Be within 2-7 years of starting his/her first independent research group as faculty or equivalent.
  2. Work within one of the identified areas of research interest to APAN: Novel neurotechnologies; Hierarchical sensory organization; Thalamocortical circuitry and function; Subcortical auditory processing; Multisensory processes, Auditory disorders; Correlates of auditory behavior/perception; Auditory attention, memory and cognition; Neuroethology and communication; Cross-species comparisons; Brain processing of language; Neural coding

Candidates will be evaluated according to: the promise, productivity and creativity of the research direction, which will be assessed through publications (in press or published), quality of current funding source(s), as well as evidence of speaking ability (e.g. list of invited talks) and other honors. Preference will be given to young investigators at the level equivalent to US non-tenured faculty.

Applications MUST include:

  • Current CV (indicating start date of faculty or equivalent appointment, a list of invited talks or presentations, and current funding source(s))
  • Title and an abstract (body text up to 400 words) of a 30 minute talk on the research and its broader implications for auditory neuroscience
  • Name and contact information of at least one senior auditory neuroscientist who may be contacted as a reference.

Details: Candidate selection will favor young investigators who are not direct trainees of or do not come from the same institution as the senior keynote speaker for APAN. In 2018, the keynote address will be given by Dr. Andrew King, Oxford University.

Application for the Young Investigator Spotlight DOES NOT preclude submission of a regular abstract to APAN detailing the more specific nature of the research results, and for which the student or postdoc conducting the work may still be considered for a travel award. However, if the young investigator is chosen for the Spotlight, such regular abstracts would not also be chosen for oral presentation.

Please email your application as a PDF to Dr. Lori Holt.


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