Timothy H Lucas Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Department: Neurosurgery
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
3400 Spruce Street
3rd Floor Silverstein
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-615-0578
Fax: 215-349-5534
Lab: 215-746-1336
B.S. (Neurobiological Sciences & Psychobiology)
University of Florida, 1996.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Florida, 2001.
Ph.D. (Physiology & Biophysics)
University of Washington, 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

Brain-machine interface / Brain-computer interface
Motor Cortex Functional Organization
Voluntary Movement
Speech and Language Organization
Cortical Plasticity
Basal Ganglia - Cortical Interactions
Cortical/Basal Ganglia Stimulation
Cortical Spike and Local Field Recording
Basal Ganglia Spike and Local Field Recording
Spinal Cord Stimulation and Mapping

Selected Publications

Yu, K; Lyu, H; Richardson, AG; Lucas, TH; Kuzum, D: Flexible neural electrode array based-on Porous grapheme for cortical microstimulation and sensing. Scientific Reports (accepted with revision) 2016

Richardson, Andrew G, Weigand, Pauline K, Sritharan, Srihari Y, Lucas, Timothy H: A chronic neural interface to the macaque dorsal column nuclei. Journal of neurophysiology 115(5): 2255-2264, 2016.

Liu, X; Zhang, M; Xiong, T; Richardson, AG; Lucas, TH; Chin, PS; Etienne-Cummings, R; Tran, TD, J Van der Spiegel: A fully integrated wireless compressed sensing neural signal acquisition system for chronic recording and brain machine interface. IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits and Systems (in press) 2016.

Zhang, M; Liu, X; Sacks, J; Richardson, AG; Lucas, TH; Van der Spiegel, J: A virtual trackpad: an electromyography based, wireless, real-time, low-power, embedded hand gesture recognition system using an event driven artificial neural network. IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits and Systems 2016.

Thawani, J; Vaughn, K; Lucas TH: Image guidance and robotics in neurosurgery. Robotics in Surgery 2016.

Abdullah, K; Chen, HI; Lucas, TH: Safety of topical vancomycin powder in neurosurgery. Surgical Neurology International (in press) 2016.

Khambhati, A; Bassett, DS; Oomen, BS; Chen, SH; Lucas TH; Davis, DA; Litt, B: Recurring functional architecture predicts dynamic network interactions during octal and interictal states in human neocortical epilepsy. eNeuro (in press) 2016.

Khambhati, A; Davis, KA; Lucas, TH; Litt, B; Bassett, DS : Virtual cortical resection reveals push-pull network control mechanism preceding seizure evolution. Neuron (in press) 2016.

Liu, Xilin, Zhang, Milin, Richardson, Andrew G, Lucas, Timothy H, Van der Spiegel, Jan: A 12-channel bidirectional neural interface chip with integrated channel-level feature extraction and PID controller for closed-loop operation. IEEE Transactions in Biomed Circuits and Systems (in press). IEEE, Page: 1-4, 2016.

Thawani, Jayesh P, Lucas, Timothy H: Open traumatic brain injury by nail gun resulting in a persistent vegetative state. Neurology 86(14): 1358-1359, 2016.

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