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Imaging-based Research

Gary Koretzky, MD, PhD

faculty photo
Adjunct Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Weill Cornell Medical College
1300 York Ave., Box 65, Room A-125
New York, NY 10065
Office: (212) 746-1361
Cornell University , 1978.
University of Pennsylvania , 1984.
University of Pennsylvania , 1984.
Masters (Masters of Arts, Honorary)
University of Pennsylvania, 1999.
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Selected Publications

Smith-Garvin JE, Burns JC, Gohil M, Zou T, Kim JS, Maltzman JS, Wherry J, Koretzky GA, Jordan MS.: T-cell receptor signals direct the composition and function of the memory CD8+ T-cell pool. Blood 116(25): 5548-59, Dec 2010.

Smith-Garvin JE, Koretzky GA, Jordan MS.: T Cell Activation. Annu Rev Immunol. 27: 591–619, 2009.

Bezman NA, Lian L, Abrams CS, Brass LF, Kahn ML, Jordan MS, Koretzky GA.: Requirements of SLP-76 tyrosines in ITAM and integrin receptor signaling and in platelet function in vivo. J Exper Med. 205(8): 1775-1788, Aug 2008 Notes: Epub 2008 Jul 28.

Jordan MS, Smith JE, Burns JC, Austin J-ET, Nichols KE, Aschenbrenner AC, Koretzky GA.: Complementation in trans of altered thymocyte development in knock-in mice expressing mutant forms of SLP-76. Immunity. 28(3): 359-369, Mar 2008 Notes: NIHMSID: NIHMS43353.

Olenchock BA, Guo R, Carpenter JH, Jordan M, Topham MK, Koretzky GA, Zhong XP.: Disruption of diacylglycerol metabolism impairs T cell anergy. Nat Immunol. (eds.). 7(11): 1174-81, Nov 2006 Notes: Epub 2006 Oct 8.

Zhong S-P, Hainey EA, Jordan MS, Nichols KE, Olenchock BA, Shen H, Koretzky GA.: Enhanced T cell responses due to diacylglycerol kinase zeta deficiency. Nat. Immunol. 4(9): 882-90, Sep 2003 Notes: Epub 2003 Jul 27.

Newbrough SA, Mocsai A, Clemens RA, Wu JN, Silverman MA, Singer AL, Lowell CA, Koretzky GA.: SLP-76 regulates Fcgamma receptor and integrin signaling in neutrophils. Immunity. 19( 5): 761-69, Nov 2003.

Clements JL, Yang B, Ross-Barta SE, Eliason SL, Hrstka RF, Williamson RA, Koretzky GA. : Requirement for the leukocyte-specific adapter protein SLP-76 for normal T cell development. Science 281(5375): 416-9, July 1998.

Hovis RR, Donovan JA, Musci MA, Motto DG, Goldman FD, Ross SE, Koretzky GA.: Rescue of signaling by a chimeric protein containing the cytoplasmic domain of CD45. Science 260(5107): 544-6, Apr 1993.

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