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Kristin M. Hudock, MD, MTR

Instructor A of Medicine
Instructor of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
3600 Spruce Street, 8 Gates
Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Division
Hospital University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.A. (Biochemistry)
Mount Holyoke College, 1997.
M.D. (Medicine )
Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2003.
M.T.R. (Master of Science in Translational Research )
University of Pennsylvania, 2013.
Post-Graduate Training
Internal Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, 2003-2006.
Pulmonary & Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania , 2007-2010.
American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, 2006.
American Board of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, 2009.
American Board of Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, 2012.
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Description of Research Expertise

acute lung injury, ARDS, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, innate immunity, induced pluripotent stem cells, neutrophils

Selected Publications

Paluru Prasuna, Kristin M Hudock, Cheng Xin, Jason A Mills, Lei Ying, Aline M Galvao, Lin Lu, Amita Tiyaboonchai, Xiuli Sim , Spencer K Sullivan, Deborah L French, Paul Gadue: The negative impact of Wnt signaling on megakaryocyte and primitive erythroid progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cell Research 12(2): 441-51, Mar 2014.

K.M. Hudock, J.A. Mills, P. Paluru, G. Liang, J.G. Quatromoni, E. Eruslanov, J. Mei, Y. Liu, A.M. Galvao, F.P.J. Van Alphen, C.D. Jobaliya, D.L. French, P. Gadue, G.S. Worthen, MD.: Human iPSC-Derived Neutrophils Function Similarly To Peripheral Blood Neutrophils. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 189: A4914, 2014.

J. Mei, N. Dai, Y. Liu, K.M. Hudock, P. Liu, H.S. Deshmukh, J.S. Lee, J.K. Kolls, G.S. Worthen.: Altered Neutrophil Homeostasis By G-CSF But Not DARC Determines CXCL5-Regulated Innate Immunity To Bacterial Pneumonia. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 189: A2487, 2014.

N.J. Meyer, M.G.S. Shashaty, A. Kazi, K.M. Hudock, M. Herlim, D. Charles, N.L. Oz, T.G. Dunn, M. Rushefski, C.V. Shah, J.P. Reilly, J.D. Christie, M.E. Mikkelsen.: Human Neutropenic Sepsis Is Characterized By Increased Early Shock, Increased Mortality, And Increased Inflammatory Cytokine Response. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 189: A3783, 2014.

Kristin M. Hudock and Paul N. Lanken: Chapter 4: Liberation and Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation and Extubation. The Intensive Care Unit Manual. 2nd edition, 2013.

Daggan AL, Hudock KM, Rushefski M, Dunn TG, Oz NL, Garcia ZA, Hiciano I, Campbell A, Mikkelsen M, Shashaty M, Christie JD, Meyer NJ.: Genetic Variant Associates With Increased Plasma ANG2 And Increased Mortality In A Severe Sepsis Population. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 187: A1013, 2013.

Mei J, Kowalska M, Dai N, Liu Y, Liu P, Hudock KM, Jeyaseelan S, Lee J, Guttentag SH, Poncz M, Worthen GS.: Platelet CXCL7 And CXCL4 Inhibit Chemokine Scavenging And Improve Innate Immunity To Bacterial Infection. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 187: A1323, 2013.

Junjie Mei, Yuhong Liu, Ning Dai, Christian Hoffman, Kristin M Hudock, Peggy Zhang, Susan H Guttentag, Jay K Kolls, Paula M Oliver, Frederic D Bushman, G Scott Worthen: Cxcr2 and Cxcl5 regulate the IL-17/G-CSF axis and neutrophil homeostasis in mice. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 122(3): 974-86, Mar 2012.

Mei J, Liu Y, Dai N, Hudock KM, Guttentag SH, Kolls JK, Oliver PM, Worthen GS: CXCR2 and CXCL5 regulate IL-17/G-CSF axis and neutrophil homeostasis. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 185: A1067, 2012.

Shreenivas S, Hudock KM, Mathelier H, Rame JE. : Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a "bridge to a bridge" strategy for refractory cardiogenic shock and cardiac arrest. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 185: A6808, 2012.

Kristin M Hudock, Yuhong Liu, Junjie Mei, Roberta C Marino, Jason E Hale, Ning Dai, G Scott Worthen: Delayed resolution of lung inflammation in Il-1rn-/- mice reflects elevated IL-17A/granulocyte colony-stimulating factor expression. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. 47(4): 436-44, Oct 2012.

C.W. Koo, N. Gupta, J.P. Baliff, K.M. Hudock, A.R. Haas: A tale of two sisters: biomass fuel exposure-related lung disease. Clinical Radiology. 66(2): 190-3, Feb 2011.

Hudock KM, Liu Y, Worthen GS.: Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist knockout mice have an increased acute inflammatory response in the lung after LPS exposure. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 183: A1089, 2011.

Hudock KM, Liu Y, and Worthen GS: IL-1 receptor 1 knockout mice have a decreased early inflammatory response to acute LPS inhalation. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 181: A2770, 2010.

Hudock KM, Hafeez A, and Kaltenbach JC.: Cell localization of lectin binding in Microciona prolifera sponge. Biological Bulletin 193: 241-242, 1997.

Kaltenbach JC, Hudock KM, Burger MM, Miseciv G, and Kuhns WJ. : Masking effects of sulfate upon Microciona prolifera sponge cell carbohydrates: A lectin histochemical study. Biological Bulletin 191: 296-297, 1996.

Kaltenhach JC, Neubert S, Hudock KM: Histotechnological features and lectin binding patterns of skin of frogs from aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Amer Zoo 35: 7A, 1995.

Hudock KM, and Kaltenbach JC: Lectin binding in the Microciona prolifea Sponge. General Scientific Meeting: Society for Intergrative and Comparative Biology December 1995.

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