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Hallam Hurt, MD

Hallam Hurt, MD

faculty photo
Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3535 Market Street, Ste 1435
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-426-5110
Fax: 267-426-5201
B.S. (Government)
Sweet Briar , 1967.
University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1971.
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Description of Research Expertise

Effect of Poverty on Infant Outcome; Investigation of Neural changes in infants of varying SES; Predictors of Risk Behaviors in Young Adults; Effect of Cocaine Exposure on Young Adult Outcome.

Description of Clinical Expertise

1) Gestational drug exposure
2) High risk infants
3) Developmental follow-up
4) Effect of poverty on cognitive outcome
5) Underserved children
6) Precursors to drug use in youth

Selected Publications

Wild KT, Brodsky NL, Betancourt LM, Hurt H: The effect of socioeconomic status on language outcome of preterm infants at toddler age. Early Hum Dev 89(9): 743-6, September 2013.

Hackman DA, Betancourt LM, Brodsky NL, Kobrin L, Hurt H, Farah MJ: (2013) Selective impact of early parental responsivity on adolescent stress reactivity. PLoS ONE 8(3): e58250, 2013.

Giannetta M, Betancourt LM, Brodsky NL, Wintersteen MB, Romer D, Giannetta JM, Hurt H: Suicidal Ideation and Self-Harm Behavior in a Community Sample of Preadolescent Youth: A Case-Control Study. J Adolesc Health 50(5): 524-526 May 2012.

Jain V, Duda J, Avants B, Giannetta M, Xie SX, Roberts T, Detre JA, Hurt H, Wehrli FW, Wang DJ: Longitudinal reproducibility and accuracy of pseudo-continuous arterial spin-labeled perfusion MR imaging in typically developing children. Radiology 263(2): 527-36, May 2012.

Handzel JM, Brodsky NL, Betancourt L, Hurt H: Longitudinal follow-up of poor inner-city youth between ages 8 and 18: Intentions versus reality. Pediatrics 129(3): 473-478, March 2012.

Hackman DA, Betancourt LM, Brodsky NL, Hurt H, Farah MJ: Neighborhood disadvantage and adolescent stress reactivity. Front Hum Neurosci 6: 277, 2012.

Khurana, A., Romer, D., Betancourt, L. M., Brodsky, N. L., Giannetta, J. M., & Hurt, H: Early adolescent sexual debut: The mediating role of working memory ability, sensation seeking and impulsivity. Developmental Psychology 48(5): 1416-1428, 2012.

Romer D, Betancourt LM, Brodsky NL, Giannetta JM, Yang W, Hurt H : Does adolescent risk taking imply weak executive function? A prospective study of relations between working memory performance, impulsivity, and risk taking in early adolescence. 21884327. Developmental Science(5), 1119-33, Sep 2011.

Betancourt LM, Brodsky NL, Brown CA, McKenna KA, Giannetta JM, Yang W, Romer D, and Hurt H: Is executive cognitive function associated with youth gambling trajectories? Journal of Gambling Studies June 2011.

Betancourt LM, Yang W, Brodsky NL, Gallagher PR, Malmud EK, Giannetta JM, Farah MJ, & Hurt H: Adolescents with and without gestational cocaine exposure: Longitudinal analysis of inhibitory control, memory and receptive language. Neurotoxicol Teratol 22(1): 33-46, Jan 2011.

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