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Robert A. Lustig, M.D.

Robert A. Lustig, M.D.

faculty photo
Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd
2nd floor West
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-349-8429
Fax: 215-349-5445
BA (Biology)
Franklin and Marshall College, 1965.
Jefferson Medical College, 1969.
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Selected Publications

Sydney Evans, Mary Putt, Xiang-Yang, Robert Lustig Maria Martinez-Lage, Dwight Williams, Arati Desai, Ronald Wolf, Steven Brem, Cameron Koch: Initial Evidence that Blood Bone Microvesicles are Biomarkers for Recurrence and Survival in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Patients. J Neurooncol January 2016.

Anamalayil SJ, Teo B-KK, Lin A, Lustig RA, Ahn PH: Effects of full-neck volumetric-modulated arc therapy vs split-field intensity-modulated head and neck radiation therapy on low neck targets and structures. Br J Radiol 89, 2016.

Jenifer Vogel, Eric Ojerholm, Andrew Hollander, Cynthia Briola, Rob Mooij, Michael Bieda, James Kolker, Suneel Nagda, Geoffrey Geiger, Jay Dorsey, Robert Lustig, Donald O'Rourke, Steven Brem, John Lee and Michelle Alonso-Basanta: Intracranial Control after Cyberknife Radiosurgery to the Resection Bed for Large Brain Metasteses. Radiat Oncol October 2015.

Hill-Kayser CE, Gabriel P, Volz E, Lustig RA, Tochner Z, Hahn SM, Maity A. : Factors Associated with Event Reporting in the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Population Using and Electronic Incident Reporting System. Pract Radiat Oncol Page: 417-422, July 2015.

Sumei Wang, Maria Martinez-Lage, Yu Sakai, Sanjeev Chawla, Sungheon G. Kim, Michelle Alonso-Basanta, Robert A. Lustig, Steven Brem, Suyash Mohan, Ronald L. Wolf, Arati Desai, Harish Poptani: Differentiating Tumor Progression from Pseudo-progression in Patients with Glioblastomas using Diffusion ?Tensor Imaging and Dynamic Susceptibility. American Journal of Neuro Radiology 2015.

Koch C, Lustig R, Xiang-Yang Y, Jenkins W, Wolf R, Martinex-Lage M, Desai A, Dewight W, and Evans, S.: Microvesicles as a Biomarker for Tumor Progression versus Treatment Effect in Radiation/Temozolomide-Treated Glioblastoma Patients. Clinical Journal of the Society of Neuro-Oncology 19th Annual Scientific Meeting 7: 13-16, Nov 2014.

Both S, Shen J, Kirk M, Lin L, Tang S, Alonso-Basanta M,Lustig R, Lin H, Deville C, Hill-Kayser C, Tochner Z, McDonough J.: Development and clinical implementation of a universal bolus to maintain spot size during delivery of base of skull pencil beam scanning proton therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Page: 79-84, Sept 2014.

Kirk M, Vennarini S, Zhai H, Thompson R, Ravanelli D, Lustig R, Tochner Z.: Quantification of Dose Reduction in the Treatment of Pediatric Brain Tumors using PBS vs Double-Scattered Protons. Particle Therapy Oncology Group Annual Meeting June 2014.

Alonso-Basanta M,Fang P, Maity A, Hahn SM, Lustig RA, Dorsey JE.: A phase I study of nelfinavir concurrent with temozolomide and radiotherapy in patients with glioblastoma multiforme. J NeuroOncology Page: 365-72, June 2014.

Lin H, Ding X,Kirk M, Liu H, Zhai H, Hill-Kayser C, Lustig RA, Tochner Z,Both S,McDonough J.: Supine Craniospinal Irradiation Using a Proton Pencil Beam Scanning Techinque Without Match Line Changes for Field Junctions. Int J Radiat Phys June 2014.

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