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Maria P. Limberis, Ph.D.

Maria P. Limberis, Ph.D.

faculty photo
Research Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
125 South 31st street, Suite 2011, TRL
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Office: 215-898-0226
Fax: 215-494-5444
Lab: 215-898-3123
B.Sc. Hons (Biochemistry)
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, 1997.
Ph.D. (Molecular Biology)
University of Adelaide, Australia, 2003.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Limberis is an expert in lung-directed gene transfer using viral-based vectors. She is developing AAV-based prophylactic vaccines for deadly airborne infectious diseases. She also investigates gene therapy for cystic fibrosis and studies the immunological implications of lung-directed gene therapy with an emphasis on cellular immune activation to therapeutic transgene products.

Selected Publications

Adam V.S., Crosariol M., Kumar S., Ge M.Q., Czack S.E., Roy S., Haczku A., Tretiakova A., Wilson J.M., Limberis M.P. : Adeno-associated virus 9-mediated airway expression of antibody protects old and immunodeficient mice against influenza virus. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 21(11): 1528-33, Nov 2014.

Nagai Y., Limberis M.P., Zhang H.: Modulation of Treg function improves adenovirus vector-mediated gene expression in the airway. Gene Therapy 21(2): 219-24, Feb 2014.

Calcedo R., Griesenbach U., Dorgan D.J., Soussi S., Boyd A.C., Davies J.C., Higgins T.E., Hyde S.C., Gill D.R., Innes J.A., Porteous D.J., Alton E.W., Wilson J.M., Limberis M.P.: Self-Reactive CFTR T Cells in Humans: Implications for Gene Therapy. Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development 24(3): 108-115, Sep 2013.

Limberis M.P., Adam V.S., Wong G., Gren J., Kobasa D., Ross T.M., Kobinger G.P., Tretiakova A., Wilson J.M.: Intranasal antibody gene transfer in mice and ferrets elicits broad protection against pandemic influenza. Science Translational Medicine 5(187): 187ra72, May 2013.

Limberis M.P., Racine T., Kobasa D., Li Y., Gao G.F., Kobinger G., Wilson J.M.: Vectored expression of a broadly neutralizing antibody (FI6) in mouse airway provides partial protection against a new avian influenza A (H7N9) virus. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 12(20): 1836-7, Dec 2013.

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