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Stewart Anderson,

Stewart Anderson

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Description of Clinical Expertise

I am a psychiatrist who works mainly with treatment-resistent outpatients suffering from schizophrenia. Since moving in July, 2012 from Cornell Medical College to UPenn/The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, I am not currently seeing patients as I focus on getting my research laboratory set up.

Description of Research Expertise

The focus of my laboratory concerns the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern the development of the mammalian forebrain. We use mouse genetics, forebrain slice and dissociated culture techniques, as well as mouse and human embryonic stem cells in cell culture and transplantation experiments to study the fate determination of interneurons of the cerebral cortex. We are particularly interested in understanding the molecular underpinnings behind the fate determination and axon targeting of subclasses of GABAergic interneurons implicated in the neuropathology of schizophrenia. In addition, we are exploring the use of mouse and human stem cell-derived interneurons in cell-based therapies for seizures, and as tools for the study of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in neuropsychiatric disease, including schizophrenia and autism.
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