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Changhong Li, MD, Ph.D

Changhong Li, MD, Ph.D

faculty photo
Research Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
802B, ARC
3516 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215)5905380
Fax: (215)5901605
B.A. (Medicine)
ChengDe Medical Collage, CHINA, 1989.
MD, PhD (Internal Medicine, Endocrinology)
Beijing Medical University, China, 1996.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interest:

My research mainly focused on fuel metabolism in islets and regulation of insulin secretion in congenital hyperinsulinism (HI), a group of disorders that cause hypoglycemia in infants and children. My work has involved characterizing most of the known disease models of HI, including glutamate dehydrogenase transgenic mice, sulfonylurea receptor 1 knockout mice, and short-chain 3-hydroxy fatty acyl-CoA dehydrogenase knockout mice. Recently, I have extended these studies of animal models to examine the role of amino acids in regulation of insulin and glucagon secretion by islets from normal and type 2 diabetic humans.


Islets function evaluation: 1) Islets isolation and function studies by batch incubation in 96 well “high-throughput” format and by islets perifusions. 2) Measurement of intracellular calcium in perifused whole islets or dispersed islet cell by duel wave length florescence microscopy.
Fuel Metabolism: 1) Stable isotope tracing: 13C and 15N tracing in isolated islets to study metabolic fluxes from glucose or amino acid; 2)ATP and ATP/ADP ratio measurement to evaluate fuel metabolism.
Gene expression: study gene expression by qPCR in whole islets or in purified beta-cell by cell sorting.

Selected Publications

Benjamin N Ediger, Hee-Woong Lim, Christine Juliana, David N Groff, LaQueena T Williams, Giselle Dominguez, Jin-Hua Liu, Brandon L Taylor, Erik R Walp, Vasumathi Kameswaran, Juxiang Yang, Chengyang Liu, Chad S Hunter, Klaus H Kaestner, Ali Naji, Changhong Li, Maike Sander, Roland Stein, Lori Sussel, Kyoung-Jae Won, Catherine Lee May, Doris A Stoffers: LIM domain–binding 1 maintains the terminally differentiated state of pancreatic β cells. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 127(1), December 2016.

Junling Fu, Cong Hou, Lujiao Li, Dan Feng, Ge Li, Mingyao Li, Changhong Li, Shan Gao, Ming Li: Vitamin D modifies the associations between circulating betatrophin and cardiometabolic risk factors among youths at risk for metabolic syndrome. Cardiovascular Diabetology 15(1): 1-12, Oct 2016.

Paul M. Titchenell, William J. Quinn, Mingjian Lu, Qingwei Chu, Wenyun Lu, Changhong Li, Helen Chen, Bobby R. Monks, Julia Chen, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Morris J. Birnbaum. : Direct Hepatocyte Insulin Signaling Is Required for Lipogenesis but Is Dispensable for the Suppression of Glucose Production. Cell Metabolism 23(6): 1154-66, June 2016.

Changhong Li and Joseph A. Baur. : A NEET way to impair mitochondrial function in α and β-cells. Diabetes 65(6): 1484-6, June 2016.

Aaron R Cox, Carol J Lam, Matthew M Rankin, Kourtney A King, Pan Chen, Ramon Martinez, Changhong Li, Jake A Kushner: Extreme obesity induces massive beta cell expansion in mice through self-renewal and does not alter the beta cell lineage. Diabetologia Mar 2016.

Lujiao Li, Jinhua Yin, Hong Cheng, Ying Wang, Shan Gao, Mingyao Li, Struan FA Grant, Changhong Li, Jie Mi, Ming Li: Identification of genetic and environmental factors predicting metabolically healthy obesity in children: Data from the BCAMS study. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Page: jc. 2015-3760, Feb 2016.

Qiujing Yua, Bin Zhao, Jun Gui, Kanstantsin V. Katlinski, Angela Brice, Yan Gao, ChangHong Li, Jake A. Kushner, Constantinos Koumenis, J. Alan Diehl, and Serge Y. Fuchs : Type I interferons mediate pancreatic toxicities of PERK inhibition. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(50): 15420-15425, Dec 2015.

Dana Avrahami, Changhong Li, Jia Zhang, Jonathan Schug, Ran Avrahami, Shilpa Rao, Michael B. Stadler, Lukas Burger, Dirk Schübeler, Benjamin Glaser and Klaus H.Kaestner. : Aging-dependent demethylation of regulatory elements correlates with chromatin state and improved β-cell function. Cell Metabolism 22(4): 619-32, October 2015.

Nicolai M Doliba, Qing Liu, Changhong Li, Jie Chen, Pan Chen, Chengyang Liu, David W Frederick, Joseph A Baur, Michael J Bennet, Ali Naji, Franz M Matschinsky: Accumulation of 3-hydroxytetradecenoic acid: Cause or corollary of glucolipotoxic impairment of pancreatic β-cell bioenergetics? Molecular Metabolism 4(12): 926-939, October 2015.

Nicolai M. Doliba, Qing Liu, Changhong Li, Pan Chen, Jie Chen, Chengyang Liu, Ali Naji, Michael Bennett, Franz M. Matschinsky: Long-chain beta-hydroxylated fatty acids as mediators of pancreatic beta-cell bioenergetics failure. Diabetes 64(Suppl 1): A597, June 2015.

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