Georgios Paschos, PhD

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Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Department: Pharmacology

Contact information
10-102 Smilow Center for Translational Research
3400 Civic Center Boulevard, Building 421
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2158988360
Fax: 2155732236
Lab: 2158980256
BS (Nutrition and Dietetics)
Harokopio University, 1999.
PhD (Nutritional Biochemistry)
Harokopio University, 2004.
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Description of Research Expertise

Georgios Paschos studies the circadian regulation of metabolism. His research focuses on the metabolic consequences of circadian misalignment. Exposure to artificial light after sunset prolongs daily activities into the night and causes misalignment between the internal circadian clock and daily behavior. Georgios Paschos uses animal models of circadian disruption and proof-of-concept studies in healthy and obese volunteers to understand how the circadian clock regulates energy homeostasis, and how circadian misalignment predisposes to obesity.

Selected Publications

Yang G, Chen L, Grant GR, Paschos G, Song WL, Musiek ES, Lee V, McLoughlin SC, Grosser T, Cotsarelis G, FitzGerald GA: Timing of expression of the core clock gene Bmal1 influences its effects on aging and survival. Science Translational Medicine 8: 324, 2016.

Paschos Georgios K, Ibrahim Salam, Song Wen-Liang, Kunieda Takeshige, Grant Gregory, Reyes Teresa M, Bradfield Christopher A, Vaughan Cheryl H, Eiden Michael, Masoodi Mojgan, Griffin Julian L, Wang Fenfen, Lawson John A, Fitzgerald Garret A: Obesity in mice with adipocyte-specific deletion of clock component Arntl. Nature Medicine 18(12): 1768-77, Dec 2012.

Paschos G K, Castro C, Briggs W, FitzGerald G A, Griffin J L: A metabolomic study of adipose tissue in mice with a disruption of the circadian system. Molecular bioSystems 11(7): 1897-906, Jul 2015.

Bauer Robert C, Tohyama Junichiro, Cui Jian, Cheng Lan, Yang Jifu, Zhang Xuan, Ou Kristy, Paschos Georgios K, Zheng X Long, Parmacek Michael S, Rader Daniel J, Reilly Muredach P: Knockout of Adamts7, a novel coronary artery disease locus in humans, reduces atherosclerosis in mice. Circulation 131(13): 1202-13, Mar 2015.

Lucey Alice J, Paschos Georgios K, Thorsdottir Inga, Martínéz J Alfredo, Cashman Kevin D, Kiely Máireád: Young overweight and obese women with lower circulating osteocalcin concentrations exhibit higher insulin resistance and concentrations of C-reactive protein. Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.) 33(1): 67-75, Jan 2013.

Ferguson Jane F, Meyer Nuala J, Qu Liming, Xue Chenyi, Liu Yichuan, DerOhannessian Stephanie L, Rushefski Melanie, Paschos Georgios K, Tang Soonyew, Schadt Eric E, Li Mingyao, Christie Jason D, Reilly Muredach P: Integrative genomics identifies 7p11.2 as a novel locus for fever and clinical stress response in humans. Human molecular genetics 24(6): 1801-12, Mar 2015.

Muldowney S, Lucey A J, Paschos G, Martinez J A, Bandarra N, Thorsdottir I, Cashman K D, Kiely M: Relationships between vitamin D status and cardio-metabolic risk factors in young European adults. Annals of nutrition & metabolism 58(2): 85-93, 2011.

Song Wen-Liang, Paschos Georgios, Fries Susanne, Reilly Muredach P, Yu Ying, Rokach Joshua, Chang Chih-Tsung, Patel Pranav, Lawson John A, Fitzgerald Garret A: Novel eicosapentaenoic acid-derived F3-isoprostanes as biomarkers of lipid peroxidation. The Journal of biological chemistry 284(35): 23636-43, Aug 2009.

Lucey Alice J, Paschos George K, Cashman Kevin D, Martínéz J Alfredo, Thorsdottir Inga, Kiely Máireád: Influence of moderate energy restriction and seafood consumption on bone turnover in overweight young adults. The American journal of clinical nutrition 87(4): 1045-52, Apr 2008.

Reilly Dermot F, Curtis Anne M, Cheng Yan, Westgate Elizabeth J, Rudic Radu D, Paschos Georgios, Morris Jacqueline, Ouyang Ming, Thomas Steven A, FitzGerald Garret A: Peripheral circadian clock rhythmicity is retained in the absence of adrenergic signaling. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 28(1): 121-6, Jan 2008.

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