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Patricia Hicks, MD, MHPE

Patricia Hicks, MD, MHPE

faculty photo
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
34th & Civic Center Blvd.
Main Hospital - 12NW 96
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-426-6810
BS (Mathematics)
Indiana University, 1979.
MD (Medicine)
Indiana University, 1984.
MHPE (Masters in Health Professions Education)
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012.
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Selected Publications

Schumacher, D.J., Kadriye, L.O., Burke, A.E., Smith, M.L., Schumacher, J.B., Pitman, M.A., Ludwig, S., Hicks, P.J., Guralnick, S., Englander, R., Benson, B., Carraccio, C.: The Pediatrics Milestones: Initial Evidence for their use as Learning Road Maps for Residents. Academic Pediatrics. Szilagyi, Peter (eds.). Elsevier, 13(1): 40-47, July 2013.

Englander, Robert, Burke, Ann E., Guralnick, Susan, Benson, Bradley, Hicks, Patricia J., Ludwig, Stephen, Schumacher, Daniel, Johnson, Lisa, Carraccio, Carol: The Pediatrics Milestones: A Continuous Quality Improvement Project is Launched—Now the Hard Work Begins! Academic Pediatrics 12(6): 471-474, Nov-Dec 2012.

Schumacher, D.J., Slovin, S.R., Riebschleger, M.P., Englander, R., Hicks, P.J., Carraccio, C.: Beyond Counting Hours: The importance of supervision, professsionalism, transitions of care, and workload in residency training. Academic Medicine 87(7): 1-6, July 2012.

Haftel, H. M., Hicks, P. J.: Assessing Teamwork and Communication in the Authentic Patient Care Learning Environment. Pediatrics 127(4): 601-3, Mar 2011.

Hicks, P.J.: The Role of Supervision in Creating Responsible and Competent Physicians. Academic Pediatrics 11(1): 9-10, Jan-Feb 2011.

Hicks, P. J., Englander, R., Schumacher, D. J., Burke, A., Benson, B. J., Guralnick, S., Ludwig, S., Carraccio, C.: Pediatrics Milestone Project: next steps toward meaningful outcomes assessment. Journal of Graduate Medical Education 2(4): 577-84, Dec 2010.

Burke, A. E., Rushton, J., Guralnick, S., Hicks, P.: Resident Work Duty Hour Requirements: medical educators' perspectives. Academic Pediatrics 10(6): 369-71, Nov-Dec 2010.

Englander, R., Hicks, P., Benson, B.: Pediatrics Milestones: a developmental approach to the competencies. Journal of Pediatrics 157(4): 521-2, 522 e1, Oct 2010.

Hicks, P.J., Schumacher, D.J., Benson, B.J., Burke, A., Englander, R., Guralnick, S., Ludwig, S., Carraccio, C.: The Pediatrics Milestones: conceptual framework, guiding principles, and approach to development. Journal of Graduate Medical Education 2(3): 410-418, Sept 2010.

Burke, A.E., Guralnick, S., Hicks, P.J.: The Association of Pediatric Program Directors’ Strategic Plan: An Opportunity for Transformational Change. Academic Pediatrics 10: 220-221, July-Aug 2010.

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