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Jennifer F. Culhane, Ph.D., MPH

Jennifer F. Culhane, Ph.D., MPH

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
3535 Market Street
8th floor, Suite 880
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
B.A. (Biochemistry)
Mount Holyoke College, 1985.
MPH (Public Health)
Temple University, 1993.
Ph.D. (Public Health)
Temple University, 1998.
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Selected Publications

Lackritz, EM, Wilson, CB, Guttmacher, AE, Howse, JL, Rubens, CE, Engmann, CM, Mason, ES, Muglia, LJ, Gravett, MG, Goldenberg, RL, Murray, JC, Spong, CY, Simpson, JL, El Arifeen, S, Belizán, JM, Bhutta, ZA, Carlo, W, Challis, JR, Culhane, JF, Deal, CD, Elovitz, MA, Homer, CJ, Howson, CP, Lawn, JE, Litch, JA, Maddox, YT, Mendelson, CR, Mesiano, S, Relman, DA, Romero, R, Sadovsky, Y, Shurin, SB, Simhan, HN, Waiswa, P, Winch, PJ, Wise, PH: A Solution Pathway for Preterm Birth: Accelerating a Priority Research Agenda to Address the Global Burden of Preterm Birth. Lancet(epub), November 2013.

Mendez, DD, Hogan, VK, Culhane, JF.: Institutional racism, neighborhood factors, stress, and preterm birth. CETH: Ethnicity and Health Epub ahead of print, October 2013.

Hogan Vijaya K, Culhane Jennifer F, Crews Kara Ja'Nice, Mwaria Cheryl B, Rowley Diane L, Levenstein Lisa, Mullings Leith Patricia: The impact of social disadvantage on preconception health, illness, and well-being: an intersectional analysis. American journal of health promotion : AJHP 27(3 Suppl): eS32-42, Jan-Feb 2013.

Bracken MB, Baker D, Cauley JA, Chambers C, Culhane JF, Dabelea D, Dearborn D, Drews-Botsch CD, Dudley DJ, Durkin M, Entwisle B, Flick L, Hale D, Holl J, Hovell M, Hudak M, Paneth N, Specker B, Wilhelm M, Wyatt S.: New models for large prospective studies: is there a risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater? American Journal of Epidemiology 177(4): 285-9, 2013.

Cunha, F, Elo, IT, Culhane, JF.: Eliciting Maternal Expectations about the Technology of Cognitive Skill Formation. NBER Working Paper No. 19144 2013 Notes: http://www.nber.org/papers/w19144.

Mendez Dara D, Hogan Vijaya K, Culhane Jennifer F: Stress during Pregnancy: The Role of Institutional Racism. Stress and health : journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress Oct 2012.

Bloch Joan Rosen, Webb David A, Mathew Leny, Culhane Jennifer F: Pregnancy intention and contraceptive use at six months postpartum among women with recent preterm delivery. Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN / NAACOG 41(3): 389-97, May-Jun 2012.

Dennis Erika Fitzpatrick, Webb David A, Lorch Scott A, Mathew Leny, Bloch Joan R, Culhane Jennifer F: Subjective social status and maternal health in a low income urban population. Maternal and child health journal 16(4): 834-43, May 2012.

Villar Jose, Papageorghiou Aris T, Knight Hannah E, Gravett Michael G, Iams Jay, Waller Sarah A, Kramer Michael, Culhane Jennifer F, Barros Fernando C, Conde-Agudelo Agustín, Bhutta Zulfiqar A, Goldenberg Robert L: The preterm birth syndrome: a prototype phenotypic classification. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology 206(2): 119-23, Feb 2012.

Hogan, VK, Amamoo, MA, Anderson, AD, Webb, D, Mathews, L, Rowley, D, Culhane, JF: Barriers to women''s participation in inter-conceptional care: a cross-sectional analysis. bmc public health 12, FEB 1 2012.

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