Krzysztof Laudanski, MD, PhD, MA, FCCM

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Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: +1 (352) 222-5202
Lab: +1 (215) 746-1398
M.D. (Medicine)
Warsaw Medical University, 1998.
B.Sc (Psychology)
Warsaw University, 2000.
M.A (Psychology)
Warsaw University, 2001.
Ph.D. (Anesthesiology & Immunology)
Military Institute of Medicine, 2012.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

My clinical work focuses on the care for critical care patients. I pay special attention to ventilator management and utilization of the transthoracic ECHO in guiding the therapy in my patients.

Description of Research Expertise

My sepsis research focuses on the outcome of the sepsis and pathomechanisms leading to short and long-term aberrancies of the immune system. More specifically, I focus on the development of the dendritic cells from monocytes during severe stress and development of T cell anergy. One of the leading hypothesize is that in some patients the development of naïve monocytes is skewed toward macrophages. This is leading to immunoparalysis due to the depletion of the dendritic cells pool. I am also interested in analyzing interaction between immune system components and neuronal system. In my research, he utilizes the animal and humanized models of sepsis as well as sampling of the population of patients.

Selected Publications

Laudanski K, De A, Miller-Graziano C: Exogenous heat shock protein 27 uniquely blocks differentiation of monocytes to dendritic cells. Eur J Immunol 37(10): 2812-2824, 2007.

Miller-Graziano CL, De A, Laudanski K, Herrmann T, Bandyopadhyay S: HSP27: an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory stress protein acting to dampen immune function. Novartis Found Symp 291: 196-208; discussion 208-211, 221-224, 2008.

Laudanski K, Ali H, Himmel A, Godula K, Stettmeier M, Calvocoressi L: The relationship between serum ferritin levels and electrocardiogram characteristics in acutely ill patients. Exp Clin Cardiol 14(3): 38-41, 2009.

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Laudanski K, Wyczechowska D: Monocyte-related immunopathologies in trauma patients. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz) 53(4): 321-328, 2005.

De AK, Miller-Graziano CL, Calvano SE, Laudanski K, Lowry SF, Moldawer LL, Remick DG Jr, Rajicic N, Schoenfeld D, Tompkins RG: Selective activation of peripheral blood T cell subsets by endotoxin infusion in healthy human subjects corresponds to differential chemokine activation. J Immunol 175(9): 6155-6162, 2005.

Cobb JP, Mindrinos MN, Miller-Graziano C, Calvano SE, Baker HV, Xiao W, Laudanski K, Brownstein BH, Elson CM, Hayden DL, Herndon DN, Lowry SF, Maier RV, Schoenfeld DA, Moldawer LL, Davis RW, Tompkins RG, Bankey P, Billiar T, Camp D, Chaudry I, Freeman B, Gamelli R, Gibran N, Harbrecht B, Heagy W, Heimbach D, Horton J, Hunt J, Lederer J, Mannick J, McKinley B, Minei J, Moore E, Moore F, Munford R, Nathens A, O'Keefe G, Purdue G, Rahme L, Remick D, Sailors M, Shapiro M, Silver G, Smith R, Stephanopoulos G, Stormo G, Toner M, Warren S, West M, Wolfe S, Young V: Application of genome-wide expression analysis to human health and disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(13): 4801-4806, 2005.

Laudanski K, De A, Miller-Graziano CL: Hsp-27 as an anti-inflammatory protein. Molecular Chaperones and Cell Signalling. Handerson B, Pockley AG (eds.). Cambridge University Press, Page: 220-233, 2005.

Laudanski K, Dohlman L: Intensive care in poor-resource settings: solutions are in the hands at home. Crit Care Med 39(10): 2385, 2011 Notes: Letter to Editor.

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