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Scott L Weiss, MD

Scott L Weiss, MD

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
34th Street & Civic Center Blvd
7th Floor Central, RM 7C26
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-5505
Fax: 215-590-4327
BS (Human Development)
Cornell University, 2000.
MD (Medicine)
Harvard Medical School, 2004.
MSCE (Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology (2012-)
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.
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Selected Publications

Wong HR, Cvijanovich NZ, Anas N, Allen GL, Thomas NJ, Bigham MT, Weiss SL, Checchia PA, Meyer K, Shanley TP, Quasney M, Hall M Gedeit R, Freishstat RJ, Nowak J, Shekhar RS, Gertz S, Dawson E, Howard K, Harmon K, Beckman E, Frank E, Lindsell CJ: Developing a clinically feasible theragnostic approach to pediatric septic shock. American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine In Press 2015.

Balamuth F, Caplan I, Scott H, Weiss SL, Fitzgerald JC, Kubis S, Chilutti M, Grundmeier R, Alpern ER: Increased risk of one-year-all-cause mortality after pediatric severe sepsis. Critical Care Medicine December 2014 Notes: Poster Presentation at the 44th Critical Care Congress, Phoenix, AZ.

Weiss SL, Cvijanovich NZ, Allen GA, Thomas NJ, Freishtat RJ, Anas N, Meyer K, Checchia PA, Shanley TP, Bigham MT, Fitzgerald J, Banschbach S, Beckman E, Howard K, Frank E, Harmon K, Wong HR: Differential expression of the nuclear-encoded mitochondrial transcriptome based on genome-wide expression profiling in pediatric septic shock. Critical Care 18(6): 623, November 2014.

Weiss SL, Fitzgerald JC, Balamuth F, Alpern ER, Lavelle J, Chilutti M, Grudemeier R, Nadkarni VM, Thomas NJ: Delayed antimicrobial therapy increases mortality and organ dysfunction duration in pediatric sepsis. Critical Care Medicine 42(11): 2409-2417, November 2014.

Atkinson S, Cvijanovich N, Thomas N, Allen G, Anas N, Bigham M, Hall M, Freishtat R, Sen A, Meyer K, Checchia P, Shanley T, Nowak J, Quasney M, Weiss SL, Banschbach S, Beckman E, Howard K, Frank E, Harmon Kelli, Lahni P, Lindsell C, Wong H: Corticosteroids and Pediatric Septic Shock Outcomes: A Risk Stratified Analysis. PLoS One 9(11): e112702, November 2014.

Balamuth F, Weiss SL, Neuman MI, Scott H, Brady PW, Paul R, Ferris RWD, McClead R, Hayes, K, Gaieski D, Hall M, Shah SS, and Alpern ER: Pediatric severe sepsis in US Children's Hospitals. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 15(9): 798-805, November 2014.

Weiss SL*, Fitzgerald JC*, Faustino EV, Festa MS, Fink EL, Jouvet P, Bush JL, Kissoon N, Marshall J, Nadkarni VM, Thomas NJ: Understanding the global epidemiology of pediatric critical illness: The power, pitfalls, and practicalities of point prevalence studies. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 15(7): 660-666, September 2014 Notes: (*Co-first authors).

Balamuth F, Weiss SL, Fitzgerald JC, Hayes K, Chilutti M, Grundmeier R, Myers S, Lautenbach E, Alpern ER: Comparison of two sepsis recognition methods in a pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatric Academic Societies May 2014 Notes: Platform Presentation at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, May 2014, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Wong HR, Cvijanovich N, Allen G, Thomas N, Freishtat R, Anas N, Meyer K Checchia P, Weiss SL, Shanley T, Bigham MT, Banschbach S, Beckman E, Harmon K, Zimmerman J: Corticosteroids are associated with repression of adaptive immunity gene programs in pediatric septic shock. American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine 189(8): 940-946, April 2014.

Wong HR, Weiss SL, Giuliano JS, Wainwright M, Cvijanovich NZ, MD, Thomas NJ, Allen GL, Anas N, Bigham MT, Hall M, Freishtat RJ, Sen A, Meyer K, Checchia PA, Shanley TP, Nowak J, Quasney M, Chopra A, Fitzgerald JC, Gedeit R, Banschbach S, Beckman E, Lahni P, Hart K, Lindsell CJ: The temporal version of the pediatric sepsis biomarker risk model. PLoS One 9(3): e92121, March 2014.

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