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Colin F. Greineder, MD PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Department: Pharmacology

Contact information
Department of Pharmacology
Smilow Center for Translational Research 10-178
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-253-0852
Lab: 215-746-2337
B.S. MB&B (Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Yale University , 1997.
MD (Medicine)
Yale University School of Medicine, 2003.
PhD (Pharmacology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2013.
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Description of Research Expertise

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, Nanomedicine, Endothelial targeting, Recombinant Protein Production, Thrombomodulin, Molecular Imaging

Description of Clinical Expertise

Emergency Medicine

Selected Publications

Khoshnejad M. Shuvaev VV. Pulsipher KW. Dai C. Hood ED. Arguiri E. Christofidou-Solomidou M. Dmochowski IJ. Greineder CF.: Vascular Accessibility of Endothelial Targeted Ferritin Nanoparticles. Bioconjugate Chem. 27(3): 628-37, Jan 2016.

Greineder CF. Hood ED. Khoshnejad M. Yao A. Brenner JS. Gottstein C. Muzykantov VR.: A PECAM-1 specific, Species Cross-reactive Single-chain Antibody Fragment for Endothelial Targeting in Rodents and Humans. J Control Release 226: 229-37, Jan 2016.

Myerson JW. Brenner JS. Greineder CF. Muzykantov VR.: Systems approaches to design of targeted therapeutic delivery. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med. 7(5): 263-5, Sep-Oct 2015.

Greineder CF. Brenza JB. Carnemolla R. Zaitsev S. Hood ED. Pan DC. Ding B-S. Esmon CT. Chacko AM. Muzykantov VR.: Dual targeting of Therapeutics to Endothelial Cells: Collaborative Enhancement of Delivery and Effect. FASEB J 29(8): 3483-92, Aug 2015.

Chacko AM. Han J. Zern BJ. Greineder CF. Mikitsh JL. Nayak M. Menon D. Johnston IH. Poncz M. Eckmann DM. Davies PF. Muzykantov VR.: Collaborative Enhancement of Endothelial Targeting of Nanocarriers by Modulating Platelet-Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1/CD31 Epitope Engagement. ACS Nano 9(7): 6785-93, Jul 2015.

Brenner JS. Greineder CF. Shuvaev VV. Muzykantov VR.: Endothelial nanomedicine for the treatment of pulmonary disease. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 12(2): 239-61, Feb 2015.

Howard MD. Hood ED. Greineder CF. Muzykantov VR.: Targeting to Endothelial Cells Augments the Protective Effect of Dual Bioactive Antioxidant/Anti-inflammatory Nanoparticles. Mol Pharmaceutics 11(7): 2262-70, May 2014.

Hood ED. Chorny M. Greineder CF. Alferiev I. Levy RJ. Muzykantov VR.: Endothelial targeting of nanocarriers loaded with antioxidant enzymes for protection against vascular oxidative stress and inflammation. Biomaterials 35(11): 3708-15, Apr 2014.

Scott KR. Greineder CF. Weinberger LC.: The Use of Blood Products in the Critically Ill Patient: Indications and Risks. EM Crit Care 4(1): 1-20, Feb 2014.

Howard MD. Greineder CF. Hood ED. Muzykantov VR.: Endothelial Targeting of Liposomes Encapsulating SOD/Catalase Mimetic EUK-134 Alleviates Acute Pulmonary Inflammation. J Control Release 177: 34-41, Jan 2014.

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