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Emily Y. Chu, M.D., Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Dermatology

Contact information
2 Maloney Building
3600 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-6926
Fax: 215-662-7884
BS (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, summa cum laude)
Yale University , 1999.
MS (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology)
Yale University, 1999.
PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology)
University of Pennsylvania , 2005.
MD (Cell and Molecular Biology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2006.
Post-Graduate Training
Transitional Year Intern, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 2006-2007.
Dermatology Resident, University of Pennsylvania, 2007-2010.
Dermatopathology Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2011-2012.
American Board of Dermatology - Dermatology, 2010.
American Board of Dermatology - Dermatopathology, 2012.
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Description of Research Expertise

Description of Clinical Expertise

Inherited skin tumor syndromes

Selected Publications

Braunstein, I., Gangadhar, T., Elenitsas, R. & Chu, E.Y.: Vemurafenib-induced interface dermatitis manifesting as radiation-recall and a keratosis pilaris-like eruption. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 41(6): 539-43, 2014.

Dai, J., Micheletti, R., Rosenbach, M., Chu, E.Y. : Striking follicular eruption to pegylated liposomal doxorubicin. American Journal of Dermatopathology 36(7): 590-1, 2014.

Samimi, S., Chu, E., Seykora, J.T., Loren, A., Vittorio, C., Rook, A., Rosenbach, M. & Kim, E.: Dasatanib-induced leukotrichia in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia. JAMA Dermatology 149(5): 637-638, 2013.

Hartman, R.I., Chu, E.Y., James, W.D., Elenitsas, R. & Kovarik, C.L.: Cutaneous metastases from visceral malignancies mimicking interstitial granulomatous processes: a report of three cases. American Journal of Dermatopathology 35(5): 601-605, 2013.

Chu, E.Y., Wanat, K.A., Miller, C.J., Amaravadi, R.K., Fecher, L.A., Brose, M.S., McGettigan, S., Giles, L.R., Schuchter, L.M., Seykora, J.T., Rosenbach, M.: Diverse cutaneous side effects associated with BRAF inhibitor therapy: A clinicopathologic study. J Am Acad Dermatol 67(6): 1265-1272 2012.

Chu, E. Y., Freeman, A. F., Jing, H., Cowen, E. W., Davis, J., Su, H. C., Holland, S. M., Turner, M. L.: Cutaneous manifestations of DOCK8 deficiency syndrome. Arch Dermatol 148(1): 79-84, 2012.

Meissner, E. G., Bennett, J. E., Qvarnstrom, Y., da Silva, A., Chu, E. Y., Tsokos, M., Gea-Banacloche, J.: Disseminated microsporidiosis in an immunosuppressed patient. Emerg Infect Dis 18(7): 1155-8, 2012.

Lang, D.,Lu, M.M., Huang, L., Engleka, K.A., Zhang, M., Chu, E.Y., Lipner, S., Skoultchi, A., Millar, S.E., Epstein, J.A.: Pax3 functions at a nodal point in melanocyte stem cell differentiation. Nature 433(7028): 884-7, 2005.

Chu, E.Y., Hens, J., Andl, T., Kairo, A., Yamaguchi, T.P., Brisken, C., Glick, A., Wysolmerski, J.J., Millar, S.E.: Canonical WNT signaling promotes mammary placode development and is essential for initiation of mammary gland morphogenesis. Development 131(19): 4819-29, 2004.

Li, F., Ambrosini, G., Chu, E.Y., Plescia, J., Tognin, S., Marchisio, P.C., Altieri, D.C.: Control of apoptosis and mitotic spindle checkpoint by survivin. Nature 396(6711): 580-4, 1998.

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