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Steven C. Palmer

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Steven C. Palmer

Research Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry
Research Director, LiveSTRONG, Living Well After Cancer program, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
3535 Market St.
Suite 675
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215.614.1946
Fax: 215.349.5067
B.S. (Applied Psychology)
California State University, Long Beach, 1986.
(Research Psychology)
California State University, Long Beach, 1990.
M.S. (Clinical Health Psychology)
University of Utah, 1996.
Ph.D. (Clinical Health Psychology)
University of Utah, 2001.
Post-Graduate Training
Internship, Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, Long Beach, 1995-1996.
Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1999-2004.
Fellow, NIH/OBSSR Summer Institute on Randomized Clinical Trials, 2001-2001.
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Description of Research Expertise

Adaptation to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.
Psychiatric Screening in Medical Populations.
Medical-Psychiatric Comorbidity.
Psychosocial Factors in Cancer Survivorship.
Randomized Clinical Trials Using Behavioral Interventions.
Mental Health Services Research.

Selected Publications

Mao, JJ, Cronholm, PF, Stein, E, Straton, JB, Palmer, SC, Barg, FK: Positive Changes, Increased Spiritual Importance, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use Among Cancer Survivors. Integrative Cancer Therapies 9(4): 339-347, DEC 2010.

Hanisch, Laura J. Coyne, James C. Palmer, Steven C.: Decreased cancer survival in individuals separated at time of diagnosis: critical period for cancer pathophysiology?. Cancer 116(21): 5111; author reply 5111-2, Nov 1 2010.

Palmer, SC, Stefanek, ME, Thombs, BD, Coyne, JC: Psychologic Intervention and Survival: Wishing Does Not Make It So Clinical Cancer Research 16(21): 5364-5365, NOV 1 2010.

Coyne, JC, Ranchor, AV, Palmer, SC: Meta-analysis of stress-related factors in cancer. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 7(5), MAY 2010.

Salzer, Mark S. Palmer, Steven C. Kaplan, Katy. Brusilovskiy, Eugene. Ten Have, Thomas. Hampshire, Maggie. Metz, James. Coyne, James C.: A randomized, controlled study of Internet peer-to-peer interactions among women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Psycho-Oncology 19(4): 441-6, Apr 2010.

Bennett, Ian M. Marcus, Steven C. Palmer, Steven C. Coyne, James C.: Pregnancy-related discontinuation of antidepressants and depression care visits among Medicaid recipients. Psychiatric Services 61(4): 386-91, Apr 2010.

Stricker CT, Palmer SC, Demichele A, Mao JJ. : Understanding premature discontinuation of aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors. Journal of Clinical Oncology 28(15Suppl), 465s. [presented at the Annual ASCO meeting, June 2010]. Journal of Clinical Oncology 28: 465s, 2010.

Stricker CT, Palmer SC, Demichele A, Mao JJ, Jacobs LA.: Development and validation of the Health Beliefs and Medication Adherence in Breast Cancer (HBMABC) scales. Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer 18: s129, 2010.

Stricker CT, Palmer SC, Demichele A, Mao JJ.: Symptoms and health beliefs predict intent to prematurely discontinue aromatase inhibitors (AIs) in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors. Paper presented at the 5th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference, Washington DC 2010.

Stefanek, Michael E. Palmer, Steven C. Thombs, Brett D. Coyne, James C.: Finding what is not there: unwarranted claims of an effect of psychosocial intervention on recurrence and survival. Cancer 115(24): 5612-6, Dec 15 2009.

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