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Ravinder Reddy, PhD

faculty photo
Professor of Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
B1 Stellar-Chance Laboratories
422 Curie Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6100
Office: (215) 898-5708
Fax: (215) 573-2113
Lab: (215) 898-9357
Graduate Group Affiliations
B.Sc. (Math, Physics, and Chemistry)
Osmania University , 1979.
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Kakatiya University , 1982.
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Indian Institute of Technology, 1989.
Post-Graduate Training
Research Assistant, Indian Institute of Technology, 1988-1989.
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1989-1991.
Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania, 1991-1993.
German Language Proficiency Certificate, .
Hindi Visharada Certificate , .
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Description of Research Expertise

My research interests are in developing novel, multinuclear (23Na, 17O, 13C and 1H) magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopic techniques for the early diagnosis and quantification of physiological and functional aberrations in pathologies such as arthritis, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Our pulse sequence developmental approaches exploit quadrupolar spin-dynamics, polarization transfer, multiple quantum coherences, indirect detection via chemical exchange and spin-locking T1ρ MRI for studying molecular dynamics in biological tissues in vivo.

Specifically, T1ρ and Sodium MRI techniques are designed to map proteoglycan molecules (e.g. aggrecan) in cartilage as a biomarker for early arthritis in vivo. T1ρ MRI is also targeted to impart novel contrast in various tissue types (brain, connective tissues and tumors), and to detect metabolically produced H217O for studying cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxidative metabolism.

Recent developmental work on chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) based MRI methods is focused on measuring endogenous but low concentration metabolites in the brain, such as glutamate, myoinositol and creatine to address central nervous system disorders. In addition, a creatine CEST method is currently being explored to measure high-energy phosphate metabolism in the myocardium in heart disease.

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Selected Publications

Bagga P, Crescenzi R, Krishnamoorthy G, Verma G, Nanga RP, Reddy D, Greenberg J, Detre JA, Hariharan H, Reddy R. : Mapping the alterations in glutamate with GluCEST MRI in a mouse model of dopamine deficiency. J Neurochem. 139((3)): 432, Nov 2016.

Wilson NE, D’Aquilla K, Debrosse C, Hariharan H, Reddy R. : Localized, gradient reversed ultrafast z-spectroscopy in vivo at 7T Magn. Reson. Med. Page: doi: 10.1002/mrm.26314, July 2016.

Krishnamoorthy G, Nanga RP, Bagga P, Hariharan H, Reddy R. : High quality three-dimensional gagCEST imaging of in vivo human knee cartilage at 7 tesla. Magn Reson Med. May 2016.

Haris M, Singh A, Reddy S, Bagga P, Kneeland JB, Tjoumakaris FP, Hariharan H, Marincola FM, Reddy R. : Characterization of viscosupplementation formulations using chemical exchange saturation transfer (ViscoCEST) J. Transl. Med. Page: doi: 10.1186/s12967-016-0850-8. April 2016.

Davis KA, Nanga RPR, Das S, Chen SH, Hadar PN, Pollard JR, Lucas TH, Shinohara RT, Litt B, Hariharan H, Elliott MA, Detre JA, Reddy R. : Glutamate Imaging (GluCEST) Lateralizes Epileptic Foci in Non-Lesional Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Sci Transl Med 14(7 ): 309, Oct 2015.

Haris M, Yadav SK, Rizwan A, Singh A, Wang E, Hariharan H, Reddy R, Marincola FM.: Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Cancer. J Transl Med 23(13(1)): 313, Sep 2015.

Singh A, Reddy D, Haris M, Cai K, Rajender Reddy K, Hariharan H, Reddy R: T1ρ MRI of healthy and fibrotic human livers at 1.5 T. J Transl Med 8(13): 292, Sep 2015.

Reddy, R. and Haris, M. : Imaging Technologies from Bench to Bedside. J Transl Med 21(13): 97, Mar 2015.

Cai K, Singh A, Poptani H, Li W, Yang S, Lu Y, Hariharan H, Zhou XJ, Reddy R. : CEST signal at 2ppm (CEST@2ppm) from Z-spectral fitting correlates with creatine distribution in brain tumor. NMR Biomed. 28((1)): 1, Jan 2015.

Crescenzi R, DeBrosse C, Nanga RP, Reddy S, Haris M, Hariharan H, Iba M, Lee VM, Detre JA, Borthakur A, Reddy R: In vivo measurement of glutamate loss is associated with synapse loss in a mouse model of tauopathy. Neuroimage 101: 185, Nov 2014.

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