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George J. Grevera, Ph.D.

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Department: Radiology

Contact information
St. Joseph University
BL 215
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Office: (610) 660-1535
Fax: (610) 660-3082
B.S. (Computer Science and Biology)
University of Scranton, 1983.
M.E. (Electrical Engineering)
Drexel University, 1991.
Ph.D. (Computer and Information Science)
University of Pennsylvania, 1998.
Post-Graduate Training
Research Fellow, Medical Image Processing Group, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1991-1994.
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Selected Publications

Grevera, G., Udupa, J., Alavi, A., Schnall, M., Jang, S., Cardi, C., Englander, S.: Registration of PET and MRI Images of the Breast. The Society of Nuclear Medicine 50th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA June 2003 Notes: Poster presentation.

Grevera, G.J., and Udupa, J.K.: Alignment of Multimodality, 2D and 3D Breast Images. SPIE Proceedings Medical Imaging 5032: 1135-1143, 2003.

Udupa, J.K., Grevera, G.J.: Go Digital, Go Fuzzy. Pattern Recognition Letters 23(6): 743-754, 2002.

Grevera, G.J., Udupa, J.K., Schnall, M.: Aligning 2D and 3D Multimodality Breast Images. Radiological Society of North America annual meeting, Chicago, IL Dec 2002 Notes: Poster presentation.

Nystrom, I., Udupa, J.K., Grevera, G.J., Hirsch, B.E.: Area of and Volume Enclosed by Digital and Triangulated Surfaces. SPIE Proceedings Medical Imaging 4681: 669-680, 2002.

Udupa, J., LaBlanc, V., Schmidt, H., Imielinska, C., Saha, P., Grevera, G., Zhuge, Y., Currie, L., Molholt, P., Jin, Y.: Methodology for Evaluating Image-Segmentation Algorithms. SPIE Proceedings Medical Imaging 4684: 266-277, 2002.

Grevera, G.J., Udupa, J.K., Odhner, D.: T-Shell Rendering. SPIE Proceedigs Medical Imaging 4319: 413-425, 2001.

Grevera, G.J., Udupa, J.K., Odhner, D.: An Order of Magnitude Faster Isosurface Rendering in Software on a PC Than Using Dedicated, General Purpose Rendering Hardware. IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics 6(4): 335-345, 2000.

Udupa, J.K., Grevera, G.J.: Comment on 'Subunity Coordinate Translation with Fourier Transform to Achieve Efficient and Quality Three-Dimensional Medical Image Interpolation. Medical Physics 27(4): 818-820, 2000.

Horii, S.C., Kundel, H.L., Kneeland, B.L., Redfern, R., Nodine, C.F., Arnold, D.E., Phelan, M., Grevera, G., Brikman, I.: Replacing Film with PACS: Workshifting and Lack of Automation. SPIE Proceedings Medical Imaging, San Diego, CA Feb 2000 Notes: Poster presentation.

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