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Stephen J Hunt, MTR, MD, PhD

faculty photo
Co-Director, Penn Image-Guided Interventions Lab (PIGILab)
Active, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center – Dept. of Radiology, Division of Interventional Radiology
Active , Pennsylvania Hospital – Dept. of Radiology, Division of Interventional Radiology
Attending, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – Dept. of Radiology, Division of Interventional Radiology
Instructor, Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania
Investigator, Penn Institute for Immunology
Active, Chester County Hospital – Dept. of Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
Penn Image-Guided Interventions Laboratory
3400 Spruce Street/1 Silverstein
HUP Department of Radiology
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 650-799-8222
BS (H) (Biochemistry; Neuroscience)
Marlboro College, 1999.
PhD (Molecular & Cellular Physiology)
Stanford University School of Medicine , 2006.
Standord University School of Medicine, 2008.
MTR (Translational Therapeutics)
Perelman School of Medicine, 2016.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in Medicine, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, San Francisco, CA , 2008-2009.
PGY-2 Radiology Resident , University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA , 2009-2012.
Chief Radiology Resident , University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA , 2012-2013.
Constantin Cope Interventional Radiology Fellow, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania , 2013-2014.
Masters of Translational Research , University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2014-2016.
American Board of Radiology-Physics Boards , 2010.
American Board of Radiology -Written Boards , 2011.
Diplomat, American Board of Radiology (DABR), 2013.
American Board of Radiology-Oral Boards, 2013.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, metastatic disease, interventional oncology, oncology, cancer, ablation, cryoablation, microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, immunotherapy, radioembolization, chemoembolization

Description of Research Expertise

immuno-oncology, interventional oncology, cancer, cancer biology, immunotherapy, cell biology, cell physiology, animal models, translational research, vascular disease, health policy, health economics, GIS, ultrasound, AVUS, embolization, ablation, abscopal effect

Selected Publications

DePietro Daniel M, Kiefer Ryan M, Redmond Jonas W, Workman Alan D, Nadolski Gregory J, Gade Terence P, Trerotola Scott O, Hunt Stephen J: Increasing Medical Student Exposure to IR through Integration of IR into the Gross Anatomy Course. Journal of vascular and interventional radiology : JVIR 28(10): 1455-1460, Aug 2017 Notes: doi: 10.1016/j.jvir.2017.06.040.

Habibollahi Peiman, Hunt Stephen, Gade Terence, Dagli Mandeep S, Mondschein Jeffrey I, Sudheendra Deepak, Stavropoulos S William, Soulen Michael, Gregory Nadolski: The Impact of Bridging LRT on Survival in Patients Listed for Liver Transplantation. Cardiovascular and interventional radiology 41(1): 112-119, Aug 2017 Notes: doi: 10.1007/s00270-017-1759-1.

Kiefer Ryan M, Hunt Stephen J, Pulido Santiago, Pickup Stephen, Furth Emma E, Soulen Michael C, Nadolski Gregory J, Gade Terence P: Relative Initial Weight Is Associated with Improved Survival without Altering Tumor Latency in a Translational Rat Model of Diethylnitrosamine-Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Transarterial Embolization. Journal of vascular and interventional radiology 28(7): 1043-1050, Jul 2017 Notes:

Duncan Christopher, Nadolski Gregory J, Gade Terence, Hunt Stephen: Understanding the Lung Abscess Microbiome: Outcomes of Percutaneous Lung Parenchymal Abscess Drainage with Microbiologic Correlation. Cardiovascular and interventional radiology 40(6): 902-906, Jun 2017.

Gade Terence P F, Tucker Elizabeth, Nakazawa Michael S, Hunt Stephen J, Wong Waihay, Krock Bryan, Weber Charles N, Nadolski Gregory J, Clark Timothy W I, Soulen Michael C, Furth Emma E, Winkler Jeffrey D, Amaravadi Ravi K, Simon M Celeste: Ischemia Induces Quiescence and Autophagy Dependence in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Radiology 283(3): 702-710, Jun 2017.

S Hunt, M Silk, J Sprinkle, G Nadolski, T Gade, A Hillier: Geospatial mapping of interventional radiology physician density. JVIR 28(S2): S156 28(S2): S156, Feb 2017 Notes: Oral Presentation by S. Hunt (DISTINGUISHED ABSTRACT).

M Silk, M Sheng, M Noji, S Pulido, S Hunt, GN Nadolski, M Soulen, and TP Gade: Exploiting the Epigenetic Alterations in HCC to Enhance TACE: the role of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 (FBP1) and inhibition of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF). JVIR 28(2): S58 28(S2): S58, Feb 2017 Notes: Oral Presentation by M. Silk.

O Abousoud, S Hunt, T Gade, MS Dagli, JI Mondschein, D Sudheendra, WS Stavropoulos, MC Soulen, G Nadolski: Comparison of infection rates in patients with prior biliary interventions undergoing hepatic embolotherapy treated with single-drug moxifloxacin versus multi-drug antibiotic prophylaxis. JVIR 28(2): S208-9 28(S2): S208-9, Feb 2017 Notes: Poster Presentation

Depietro D, Kiefer R, Trerotola S, Nadolski G, Hunt S, Redmond J: Increasing first-year medical student exposure to interventional radiology: a pilot-study of integrating IR into the gross anatomy lab. JVIR 28(S2): S21 28(S2): S21, Feb 2017 Notes: Oral Presentation D. Depietro

N Perkons, J Wildenberg, B Ge, SJ Hunt, GJ Nadolski, and TP Gade: Preliminary Characterization of a Novel Coaxial Electrochemical Ablation Device. JVIR 28(S2): S106-7 28(S2): S106-7, Feb 2017 Notes: Poster Presentation

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