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Albert J. Giovenella, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
786 Pickering Lane
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Office: 484-868-7336
B.S. (Biology – Secondary Education)
West Chester State College , 1971.
M.A. (Biology)
West Chester University, 1978.
Ph.D. (Graduate School of Education )
University of Pennsylvania, 1987.
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Description of Research Expertise

Microbiology basic research, Bone Disease Liaison, Gastroenterology Liaison, and Emerging Trends in Biopharmaceutical Research Data Base and Lecturing

Description of Other Expertise

Mechanism of action knowledge across therapeutic areas, and able to teach complex scientific topics.

Founded Pennsylvania Osteoporoisis Society, and on Board of Directors as Founding Director of Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Society 1996-2006

Selected Publications

A.J. Giovenella: Partnering in pharmaceutical education: a model to help industry shape health care reform. Drug Information Journal 29: 115-126, 1995.

A.J. Giovenella: The age of autonomy and social justice: an increasing influence of education on American health care. Drug Information Journal 28: 593-614, 1994.

Berners-Price SJ, Johnson RK, Giovenella AJ, Faucette LF, Mirabelli CK, Sadler PJ: Antimicrobial and anticancer activity of tetrahedral, chelated, diphosphine silver(I) complexes: comparison with copper and gold. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 33(4): 285-95, Aug 1988.

S.J. Berniers-Price, R.K. Johnson, A.J. Giovenella, C.K. Mirabelli, and P.J. Sadler: The design of silver complexes as antimicrobial and anticancer agents: Tetrahedral, chelated, diphosphine complexes. Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 106: 482-487, 1988.

Christensen SB, Allaudeen HS, Burke MR, Carr SA, Chung SK, DePhillips P, Dingerdissen JJ, DiPaolo M, Giovenella AJ, Heald SL: Parvodicin, a novel glycopeptide from a new species, Actinomadura parvosata: discovery, taxonomy, activity and structure elucidation. Journal of Antibiotics (Tokyo) 40(7): 970-90, Jul 1987.

Dingerdissen JJ, Sitrin RD, DePhillips PA, Giovenella AJ, Grappel SF, Mehta RJ, Oh YK, Pan CH, Roberts GD, Shearer MC : Actinoidin A2, a novel glycopeptide: production, preparative HPLC separation and characterization. Journal of Antibiotics (Tokyo) 40(2): 165-72, Feb 1987.

Shearer MC, Giovenella AJ, Grappel SF, Hedde RD, Mehta RJ, Oh YK, Pan CH, Pitkin DH, Nisbet LJ: Kibdelins, novel glycopeptide antibiotics. I. Discovery, production, and biological evaluation. Journal of Antibiotics (Tokyo) 39(10): 1386-94, Oct 1986.

Sitrin RD, Chan GW, Chapin F, Giovenella AJ, Grappel SF, Jeffs PW, Phillips L, Snader KM, Nisbet LJ: Aridicins, novel glycopeptide antibiotics. III. Preparation, characterization, and biological activities of aglycone derivatives. Journal of Antibiotics (Tokyo) 39(1): 68-75, Jan 1986.

Grappel SF, Giovenella AJ, Phillips L, Pitkin DH, Nisbet LJ: Antimicrobial activity of aridicins, novel glycopeptide antibiotics with high and prolonged levels in blood. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 28(5): 660-2, Nov 1985.

Grappel SF, Giovenella AJ, Nisbet LJ : Activity of a peptidyl prodrug, alafosfalin, against anaerobic bacteria. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 27(6): 1961-3, Jun 1985.

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