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Jay R. Kostman, M.D.

Clinical Professor of Medicine
Health System Clinician, University of Pennsylvania Health System
Attending Physician , Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Associate Director, Viral Hepatitis Center Perelman School of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
3910 Powelton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-8693
Fax: 215-243-4658
B.A. (Chemistry)
Cornell University, 1980.
Yale University, 1984.
Post-Graduate Training
Resident in Medicine, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 1984-1987.
Chief Resident in Medicine, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA , 1987-1988.
Fellow in Infectious Diseases, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA , 1988-1991.
American Board of Internal Medicine, 1987.
Subspecialty of Infectious Diseases, 2008.
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Selected Publications

Azzoni L, Foulkes AS, Papasavvas E, Mexas AM, Lynn KM, Mounzer K, Tebas P, Jacobson JM, Frank I, O'Doherty U, Kostman J, Montaner LJ: Improved treatment for primary HIV infection by interferon-alfa therapy? Does HCV treatment in HIV/HCV coinfected patients help us to test this hypothesis? Reply to zur Wiesch and van Lunzen. J Inf Dis 208(2): 363, Jul 2013.

Sulkowski M, Pol S, Mallolas J, Fainboim H, Cooper C, Slim J, Rivero A, Mak C, Thompson S, Howe AYM, Wenning L, Sklar P, Wahl J, Greaves W: Boceprevir versus placebo with pegylated interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin for treatment of hepatitis C virus genotype 1 in patients with HIV: a randomised, double-blind, controlled phase 2 trial. The Lancet infectious diseases 13(7): 597-605, Jul 2013.

Amorosa VK, Aibana O, Shire NJ, Dorey-Stein Z, Ferrara T, Gilmore J, Kostman JR, Lo Re V: Willingness to undergo a repeat liver biopsy among HIV/hepatitis C virus-coinfected and hepatitis C virus-monoinfected patients. Journal of clinical gastroenterology 47(5): 457-60, May-Jun 2013.

Azzoni, Livio. Foulkes, Andrea S. Papasavvas, Emmanouil. Mexas, Angela M. Lynn, Kenneth M. Mounzer, Karam. Tebas, Pablo. Jacobson, Jeffrey M. Frank, Ian. Busch, Michael P. Deeks, Steven G. Carrington, Mary. O'Doherty, Una. Kostman, Jay. Montaner, Luis J.: Pegylated Interferon alfa-2a monotherapy results in suppression of HIV type 1 replication and decreased cell-associated HIV DNA integration. Journal of Infectious Diseases 207(2): 213-222, January 2013.

Bjerk SM, Baker JV, Emery S, Neuhaus J, Angus B, Gordin FM, Pett SL, Stephan C, Kunisaki KM: Biomarkers and bacterial pneumonia risk in patients with treated HIV infection: a case-control study. PloS one 8(2): e56249, 2013.

Lo Re V, Volk J, Newcomb CW, Yang Y-X, Freeman CP, Hennessy S, Kostman JR, Tebas P, Leonard MB, Localio AR: Risk of hip fracture associated with hepatitis C virus infection and hepatitis C/human immunodeficiency virus coinfection. Hepatology 56(5): 1688-98, Nov 2012.

Gekonge B. Raymond AD. Yin X. Kostman J. Mounzer K. Collman RG. Showe L. Montaner LJ.: Retinoblastoma protein induction by HIV viremia or CCR5 in monocytes exposed to HIV-1 mediates protection from activation-induced apoptosis: ex vivo and in vitro study. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 92(2): 397-405, August 2012.

Merlin JS. Cen L. Praestgaard A. Turner M. Obando A. Alpert C. Woolston S. Casarett D. Kostman J. Gross R. Frank I.: Pain and physical and psychological symptoms in ambulatory HIV patients in the current treatment era. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management 43(3): 638-645, March 2012.

Papasavvas E, Chehimi J, Azzoni L, Pistilli M, Thiel B, Mackiewicz A, Creer S, Mounzer K, Kostman JR, Montaner LJ: Retention of functional DC-NK cross-talk following up to 18 weeks therapy interruptions in chronically suppressed HIV type 1+ subjects. AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses 26(10): 1047-9, Oct 2010.

Raymond AD, Gekonge B, Giri MS, Hancock A, Papasavvas E, Chehimi J, Kossenkov AV, Nicols C, Yousef M, Mounzer K, Shull J, Kostman JR, Showe L, Montaner LJ: Increased metallothionein gene expression, zinc, and zinc-dependent resistance to apoptosis in circulating monocytes during HIV viremia.[Erratum appears in J Leukoc Biol. 2010 Nov;88(5):1061 Note: Kossevkov, Andrew V [corrected to Kossenkov, Andrew V]] J Leukocyte Bio 88(3): 589-96, Sep 2010.

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