Arnaldo J Diaz Vazquez, PhD

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Department: Pharmacology

Contact information
Office of Research and Diversity Training
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
3620 Hamilton Walk RM 267
Anatomy-Chem BLDG
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4800
Office: 215-898-2794
BSc (Chemistry)
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 2002.
PhD (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
Texas A&M University, 2008.
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Selected Publications

Sherrod Stacy D, Diaz Arnaldo J, Russell William K, Cremer Paul S, Russell David H: Silver nanoparticles as selective ionization probes for analysis of olefins by mass spectrometry. Analytical chemistry 80(17): 6796-9, Sep 2008.

Diaz Arnaldo J, Albertorio Fernando, Daniel Susan, Cremer Paul S: Double cushions preserve transmembrane protein mobility in supported bilayer systems. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids 24(13): 6820-6, Jun 2008.

Albertorio Fernando, Chapa Vanessa A, Chen Xin, Diaz Arnaldo J, Cremer Paul S: The alpha,alpha-(1-->1) linkage of trehalose is key to anhydrobiotic preservation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(34): 10567-74, Aug 2007.

Daniel Susan, Diaz Arnaldo J, Martinez Kelly M, Bench Bennie J, Albertorio Fernando, Cremer Paul S: Separation of membrane-bound compounds by solid-supported bilayer electrophoresis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(26): 8072-3, Jul 2007.

Shi Jinjun, Yang Tinglu, Kataoka Sho, Zhang Yanjie, Diaz Arnaldo J, Cremer Paul S: GM1 clustering inhibits cholera toxin binding in supported phospholipid membranes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(18): 5954-61, May 2007.

Albertorio Fernando, Diaz Arnaldo J, Yang Tinglu, Chapa Vanessa A, Kataoka Sho, Castellana Edward T, Cremer Paul S: Fluid and air-stable lipopolymer membranes for biosensor applications. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids 21(16): 7476-82, Aug 2005.

Carlos E. Crespo-Hernández, Lydia Martı́nez, Aurea E. González-Sierra, Lizbeth Robles-Irizarry, Arnaldo Dı́az-Vázquez, Rafael Arce: The 254 nm low intensity and 266 nm laser photochemistry of adenosine.: Effect of pH and concentration on the reactive precursors of the principal products, adenine and FAPyAde. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 152(1-3): 123-133, September 2002.

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