Annual Report: 2012 - 2013

Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (ASEF)

 Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


Mission: The mission of ASEF is to initiate and coordinate activities that encourage and permit Emeritus Faculty to remain engaged in, and connected to, the community of scholars in the School of Medicine.

These activities include those designed to educate and counsel the academic community, and particularly Senior Faculty, on issues and options related to retirement decisions. ASEF plans and undertakes service activities to the School of Medicine that utilize the unique talents of the Emeritus Faculty.

ASEF assumes an advocacy position on issues related to Emeritus Faculty, and provides a vehicle for fellowship and social interaction among the Emeritus Faculty and full-time Faculty in the School. These missions of ASEF serve to celebrate the careers of our Emeritus Faculty by encouraging them to remain a part of the life of the School in new, interesting and important ways and facilitate their transition to Emeritus status as a natural and desirable continuum in an academic career.



·         Organized and sponsored a series of special events that involve retired and senior faculty (see Appendix), including a reception to celebrate new emeriti.

·         Together with PASEF, sponsored two annual programs to prepare senior faculty for retirement.

·         Organized a spring distinguished lecturer seminar and reception (this year featuring Ezekiel Emanuel).

·         Hosted a winter holiday celebration and an end-of-the academic year party.

·         Sponsored monthly luncheon seminars by faculty members on topics of general interest to senior and emeritus faculty in the Medical School and the University.

·         Maintained a web site that features the following: programs listed above;  information regarding retirement issues; accomplishments of senior and emeritus faculty; and, news of deceased faculty.

·         Initiated closer relationships between ASEF and the Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (PASEF). In addition to having both presidents on both Executive groups, jointly sponsored activities have included mutual planning for retirement programs and invitations from both groups to all sponsored events.

·         Presidents of ASEF and PASEF attended the national convention of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in October 2012. Both described the Penn process of assisting senior faculty and the problems encountered in planning for retirement.   

·         Planned for the first joint ASEF/PASEF 2013 reception in the fall to honor new emeriti from all University schools

·         Coordinated and combined ASEF and PASEF luncheon seminars to encourage faculty interaction by presenting diverse topics of interest to both groups.

·         Compiled (with PASEF) a directory of retirement communities and resources, and identified Emeritus “mentors” to assist retiring faculty who might be interested in utilizing the resources in their community.

·         Initiated a program involving hospital visits by medical emeriti to Penn-affiliated patients; problems with HIPPA were encountered and have yet to be resolved.

·         Participated in the updating and maintenance of the Hitchhikers Guide to Retirement, informing seniors on necessary steps in transitioning to Emeritus status. 


Budget and Staffing:

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development under the direction of Vicki Mulhern provides approximately 20% FTE administrative assistance by Kayvon Nikoo with the assistance of Rachael Berget. A modest annual budget provides for ASEF special events and programs, but limits possible expansion of activities.



·         Increase participation in ASEF programs by expanding services to the SOM and university senior/emeritus faculty


·         Utilize the abilities and talents of the senior and emeritus faculty for the

benefit of PSOM and the University


·         Become more integrated with current SOM developments and decisions


·         Maintain communication with Emeritus faculty who leave the campus


·         Develop relationships with other SOM groups: Alumni, Development, and others


·         Expand the capabilities of the web site to advertise events, alert members to relevant issues and solicit ideas, by harnessing more technologic resources







ASEF Council: Anna T. Meadows-President, Nicholas Kefalides-Past-President, Jeanne Myers-President-Elect, Susan Heyner- Secretary-Treasurer; Past Presidents - Howard Goldfine, Jim Saunders, Marvin Steinberg, Rob Roy MacGregor; Members - Julius Deran, Peter Bloch, Michael Broennle, David McCarthy,Yvonne Paterson, Harvey Rubin, Richard Salcido, Saul Winegrad, Ross Webber (PASEF), Vicki Mulhern, Administration.




Luncheon Seminars:

          During the academic year, nine monthly luncheon seminars were organized by a Committee chaired by Peter Bloch. They were held at the University Club with speakers from Psychiatry, Pathology, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Genetics, Neurosciences, and Orthopedics, with attendance of up to 40 faculty members.








Web Site:

The ASEF web site is maintained by the administrative assistant and contains links to the Almanac, Daily Pennsylvanian, College of Physicians and other publications and organizations. It also contains information regarding Council members, special events, luncheon programs, and information regarding retirement.

The latter information is contained in the Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement, 6th Ed., 2013. This comprehensive publication, which is prepared by a joint committee of PASEF and ASEF members, is updated annually. It is used as a "Source Book" in conjunction with selections from the "Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators".