The Association supports and carries out its missions with the help of the following committees:

  • Programs Committee:
    This committee has been created to provide opportunities for the Senior and Emeritus Faculty to meet in selected social settings. They present speakers of interest to the association, arrange business meetings and organize the festive Autumn dinner to honor and celebrate those colleagues who have recently attained emeritus status.
    Co-Chairs: Fred Henretig, Susan Heyner, Sue Kramer, Virginia LiVolsi, Jeanne Myers, Yvonne Paterson, James Wheeler

  • Committee for Luncheon Meetings:
    This committee is responsible for our popular series of monthly luncheon meetings where a wide variety of interesting topics are presented and discussed. The meetings take place in the Lenape Room or Hourglass Room of the University Club in The Inn at Penn. Details are announced by email to the ASEF members.
    Co-Chairs: Howard Goldfine, Peter Wilding

  • Service Committee:
    The assignment of this committee is to recruit and support members who are interested in volunteering time and services to the Medical School, UPHS, the University of Pennsylvania and the community around us in a wide range of ways. Current activities include visiting hospitalized Penn faculty, service in The Clinic for The Homeless in West Philadelphia, and helping junior faculty as mentors or with the planning of research projects.
    Co-Chairs: Stanley Baum, Howard Goldfine, Rob Roy MacGregor, James Saunders

  • Communications and Website Committee:
    The task of this committee is to facilitate communications within the ASEF organization. Components of the job are (1) manage the ASEF web site; (2) send email messages and announcements to members of ASEF; (3) maintain the database of ASEF members. The web page contains up-to-date information about current events; members and committees of the Executive Council; volunteer opportunities; retirement planning; and archives of minutes, correspondence, and previous events.
    Chair: Michael Broennle, Jeanne Myers, Kayvon Nikoo

  • Space and Facilities Committee:
    The purpose of this committee is to maintain and manage the ASEF Headquarters space and equipment on the 21st floor of the Penn Tower.
    Co-Chairs: Brian Salzberg, James Saunders, Marvin Steinberg

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