APRIL 30, 2007

Attendees: Rob Roy MacGregor, Marilyn Hess, Nicholas Kefalides, John Mikuta, James Saunders,  Anna Meadows, Marvin Steinberg, Jane Alavi, Meghan Mulrooney, Elisa Spiewak

Rob opened the meeting and asked for approval of the minutes of the March meeting.

We are fortunate to have obtained the 1962 Room (in the Morgan Bldg.) for the Spring Meeting of ASEF.  Meghan has put a poster announcing the meeting on our website.  Rob asked for suggestions for how to spread the word.  Notices will be sent to all the Chairs of departments.  Council members were asked to take posters and place them in their departments where they will likely be seen. It was also suggested that an Email be sent one week before the Spring Meeting.

Rob sent a letter to department Chairs requesting that they inform their staff about the Vicki/Hilary presentation.  He also requested name of a “contact’ in the department that we could use, and he estimates that we have received a response from about two-thirds of the Chairs.

Six departments have requested that ASEF make a presentation to their staff.

Marvin reported that the federal statute which affords protection for malpractice claims for volunteer work has been passed.  The involved clinic has to apply for such protection and obtain approval.  The names of participating physicians must be submitted and the individual physicians must hold a valid state license.

Education Committee.  Luis was not present but sent his report to Rob.  His committee has formulated a Mission Statement.  The mission includes:
1.mounting a website which encompasses a host of items
2.gather educational opportunities that are now available and develop new programs, including a list of investigators willing to review grant proposals.
3.develop a newsletter.

Program Committee:  Anna reported on the Life After Medicine program. A discussion followed regarding the need for another such program.  It was suggested that another program might have as a subject the advantages of and how to prepare for moving to a retirement community.  Dr. John Esterhai may be a source of information in preparation of such a program.

We discussed how many general meeting should be scheduled each year. It was decided that four meeting a year was satisfactory, i.e. the reception for new emeriti, the Vicki/Hilary meeting and two others.

Luncheons:  Nick reported that the last luncheon starring Harvey Friedman was a success.  The next is to be May 22 and David Longnecker will speak.  Larry Earley may be invited in the fall.

Data Committee:  Surveys have been distributed.  There is a commercial organization called “Survey Monkey” that would expedite the activity. They would distribute the survey, receive the responses, and compile the data – all for $19.90 per month.
Committee members will call emeriti once per year. 
Notices of deaths will be posted. It was suggested that emeriti be informed that they may have Email via the University after they retire, which would make communication better.

Service Committee:  David reported that a Mission Statement has been formulated.

It was suggested that a list of volunteer opportunities be posted every month via Email.
Rob mentioned that Penn Travel is looking for speakers for cruises. It was also mentioned that freshman students would like senior physicians to participate in mock interviews.

Only 10 ballots have been returned to date.  Rob announced that the FIAP plan brochure has been distributed.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for May 29, 2007.