March 19, 2007

Attendees:  MacGregor, McCarthy, Hess, Mikuta, Saunders, Steinberg, Whereat, Alavi, Goldfine, Blasco, Spiewak, Mulrooney

Rob opened the meeting at noon and asked for the subcommittee reports

Service:  David reported on proceedings of a recent meeting. He asked for suggestions of how best to list activities on the Web. For example, he would like to advertise the West Chester clinic. A discussion ensued regarding malpractice liability. A state statute that offers immunity from malpractice claim only if the “standard of care” conforms to community standards, and if no harm to the patient results. We are waiting for anticipated passage of a federal statute which may offer more protection. John would like to encourage recruitment of ASEF members to give talks at retirement facilities.  He would like the membership to be canvassed to see who might be willing and then match them with a facility that is receptive. Members of the Council offered some names and topics. Please contact David with names and topics.

Program:  Howard reported on the “Life After Medicine” symposium. It was judged a success even though Richard Davis failed to show up. The Council discussed selection of a time for the Spring meeting with Vicki and Hilary. Either May 22, 23 or 24 is the likely date.  Howard suggested that we might consider a meeting to discuss retirement facilities and perhaps have members who are residents describe their experiences. It was suggested that John Esterhai might be able to get someone from ACT to speak at a meeting.  Marilyn asked about the West Phila. Nursing School project which offer advice and assistance to provide care for elderly citizens. Olivia Mitchell’s talk was so well received that it was suggested that might be repeated or someone with her background might be recruited. Dave suggested that a talk about Long Term Care Insurance would be valuable.  The Council wondered if the Dunlop Auditorium noon concerts that Dode Barker arranged could be revived. Nick will be taking ove r the monthly luncheons.

Education:  Luis reported that his committee is working on the Five Year Plan and anticipates that it will be ready for the next Council meeting.

Next was a discussion of how to disseminate ballots for the election of the new Executive Council members. Ballots will have to be distributed before June.  It was proposed that ballots be distributed by mail, Email and Fax in order to reach everyone. Rob will include an invitation to the spring meeting. Biblio of the candidates should be included.  The president-elect will be Jim Saunders.  At-large members will be Don LaRossa and Jack Downes.

The Wales committee brochure is supposed to be ready for distribution.  Vicki’s check list for prospective retirees should be ready for distribution soon.

Data:  Jane distributed the new survey that her committee prepared. Question was raised about concerns about confidentiality of the data acquired.

Rob had been asked to inquire if any emeriti would be interested in serving as “house mothers” in the dormitories, such as Helen Davies has done for many years.

The next meeting will be April 30, 2007.