MAY 29, 2007

Attendees:  MacGregor, McCarthy, Hess, Whereat, Alavi, Meadows, Kefalides and Mulrooney

Minutes of the March 19, 2007 meeting were approved.

Rob asked for a review of the Spring Meeting.  It was judged to have gone well. Attendance was thought to be pretty good, mostly by people who had not attended previously.  It was a consensus that the spring meeting program should continue to be primarily a presentation by Vicki and Hilary. Jane attended a Vicki/Hilary program delivered to the Pediatric Department and obtained some informative data. It is hoped that Vicki and Hilary will continue to hold meetings with department chairpersons.

Education Committee: The website is “coming along nicely.”  It was suggested that volunteer activities should be posted on the website but should be highlighted in some fashion to attract attention. It was also suggested that perhaps the ASEF should obtain access to the Almanac or Penn Medicine to promote such opportunities.

Program Committee: The Fall Meeting will take place in October and plans are being formulated.  There was a discussion about whether or not there should be a speaker. Several names were offered and will be considered by the subcommittee. The meeting will be at the Inn at Penn and will be scheduled for the middle of the week.

Nick reported that the recent luncheon was attended by 12 and was very well received.  Dr. Longnecker gave an interesting talk. The next luncheon will be in September.

Data Committee:  The survey has not yet been completed.  Postcards will be sent out next week requesting data, particularly Email addresses.  An important goal is to obtain current information about all emeriti, e.g. where living (if living) and best way of communicating with them.  Unfortunately, at present there had been no way of tracking emeriti after they left employment. Department chairs have been asked to give us a contact person who will keep track of these people.

Service Committee:  Information regarding the Chester Clinic in now on our website. Again we discussed how to effectively distribute information about such activities. It was suggested that we might Email new opportunities to emeriti as they come up, as well as post them on our website. Rob again mentioned dormitory  “live-ins.” David Fox is the person to contact if one is interested. The Freshman Reading Project was again mentioned and I will write up a description.

Rob suggested that someone from the Council should attend the departmental seminars on retirement.  He judged that 20% of the departments have held such seminars.

A draft of The Faculty Retirement Brochure has been distributed to various administrative offices, but has not yet been reviewed by the legal office. It is hoped that it will be ready for distribution to the faculty by the fall. It will contain details of all aspects of preparing for retirement. The FIAP brochure that we received was sent only to Council members.

The next meeting will be on September 17, 2007.