November 26, 2007

Attendees: James Saunders, Rob Roy MacGregor, Anna Meadows, Howard Goldfine, David McCarthy, Marvin Steinberg, Heinz Schleyer, Victoria Mulhern, Elisa Spiewak, Rachael Berget, Meghan Mulrooney, Anna Delaney, Kelli Wilson

Dr. Saunders opened the meeting affirming that Dr. Hess has resigned from ASEF due to health concerns. In accordance with ASEF Bylaws and with the approval of the committee, Dr. Saunders assumed his role as president.

Anna Delaney, Director, Academic Programs, asked the committee members to consider service as a member of a sub-committee of the School of Medicine COAP (Committee on Appointments and Promotions) to review educational databases for faculty candidates being considered for promotion This sub-committee performs a critically important role in a faculty member’s promotion review. A motion to send out an email to the ASEF membership asking for volunteers was passed. Anna Delaney will write the email proposal and forward it to Dr. Saunders before the end of the week. The committee will approve the email before it is sent out to the membership. It will be emailed either just before or just after the holiday break.

Rachael Berget was then introduced to the group. She is the new Associate Director of Faculty Professional Development in the Office of Faculty Affairs. She will provide administrative support to the ASEF organization.

Dr. Saunders initiated a discussion of ASEF’s direction: summary of what the organization has done in the past and how it will move into the next stage. Dr. Saunders expressed a desire for ASEF to identify more sustainable programs and to make a greater impact on the community.

Suggestion: A program for undergraduate pre-med students(majors in Biomedical/ Science fields)- Monthly Speakers from ASEF could  speak to interested students how they “ended up” in Medicine, roads, pitfalls, rewards, etc. This would provide a service to the Penn community and would also give ASEF a chance to reach a broader population.

Dr. Saunders pointed out that the ASEF organization is approaching its 5th anniversary and asked the committee to consider the following:

Is there value or non-value in rolling in to the PASEF organization? Are there strengths in being part of a larger organization? Will ASEF be able to continually attract new members and initiate sustainable programs?

It was resolved that the committee should look up emeritus groups at other institutions to see what sorts of activities they are involved in and what kind of resources they have. The AROHE organization might have some of that information.

Dr. Goldfine introduced the idea of a Spring Party as a social function, which could also be useful to publicize ASEF’s committees and the May Retirement meeting. April was the suggested month for this function, and it was determined that beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres would be served. An informal social gathering with no set program might also be a good way to bring in more faculty members who might have overlooked previous ASEF functions.

Dr. Steinberg recapped successful ad hoc activities: changes in the FIAP wording, advances in the quest for space, benefits booklet, responding to the Provost regarding retiree benefits, website, and presence in the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee

Dr. Goldfine updated the group on the February session. Dr. Richard Lonsdorf, an emeriti of the Law School, has agreed to speak on Medicine and Law (he has background in both).

Dr. Steinberg requested more information on volunteering opportunities (clinics). Dr. McCarthy resolved to look into the West Philadelphia clinic and to find out more about malpractice insurance for clinic work.

Dr. Meadows suggested that the committee might improve communication by sending  a succinct monthly email with a link to the website and also bullet points highlighting events and volunteer opportunities.

Dr. Saunders has a meeting scheduled with the Dean about space and plans to schedule a meeting with Kevin Mahoney about the same issue.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 7, 2008.