FEBRUARY 4, 2008

Attendees: James Saunders, Howard Goldfine, Anna Meadows, David McCarthy, Heinz Schleyer, Rachael Berget , Marvin Steinberg, Nicholas Kefalides and Arthur Whereat

Jim opened the meeting announcing that he had submitted the budget request for 2008-2009. This included a request for an additional $2500 for the spring social event (which will be a celebration of our 5th anniversary) and an additional $2500 for the following year.

Jim asked the members to review the abstract of his AROHE presentation. Anna suggested that more might be said about the Hilary/Vicki program and other efforts to prepare senior faculty for issues to be faced, e.g., long term care insurance, selection of retirement community, activities in which to participate, etc. Jim emphasized the importance of the relationship between ASEF and the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. Howard suggested that it should be mentioned that our organization is unique because we represent only a school (Medical School) within a University. Dave mentioned that ASEF helps the Dean in promoting collegiality of the Medical School with the rest of the University.

Howard was disappointed with the number that turned up for the Lonsdorf talk and reception. There was discussion of how we might entice more people to turn out for such programs.

Rachael said that no date had been confirmed for the Hilary/Vicki program. The Mashner talk will be held on April 9, 2008 in the BRB Auditorium and the reception-to-follow will be on the 14th floor. It is hoped that the talk will be widely advertised and a major effort expended to entice attendance at the reception.

The issue of who will be offered honoraria was discussed. There was agreement that honoraria would not be appropriate for faculty or emeriti of the University.

Jim thought that, when in LA, he would search for someone who had wide experience in an organization such as ours who might be a speaker at our anniversary meeting.

Nick precipitated a discussion of reimbursement for expenses to which a tax has been added.

Jim has a meeting scheduled with Grace Hershman and anticipates asking how our organization might help with stimulating and informing undergraduates and post- baccalaureates about medical careers.

Another round of data searches was distributed and a few responses were obtained.

Jim has been taking a History course in the University and had the idea that it would be interesting and fun for attendees to get together after the session and discuss what they had heard.

Program Committee - Howard mentioned the Lonsdorf talk and reception. He anticipates that the Hilary/Vicki program will be scheduled in late April or early May. He will get a title from Mashner and also bring his talk to the attention of PASEF.
Data Committee - Marvin said that we now have a good data base. The Office of Faculty Affairs is collating and organizing the data.
Service Committee - David was able to communicate with Sayre. Since they are not yet funded, they are not ready to enroll people. They hope by the Fall of ’08 they will have their insurance plan in place. Their greatest need will be for internists.
Education Committee - Heinz suggested that we post a picture on the website that shows officers of the Council in an informal pose. He is updating information, such as Council membership and chairs, event calendar, etc.
Jim mentioned that we will soon have to nominate Chairs of the Committees.

The next Council meeting will be March 3, 2008.

Arthur F. Whereat