ASEF Executive Council Meeting
February 17, 2009

FIAP update - Dr. Goldfine, ASEF President-Elect, was sitting in for Dr. James Saunders, ASEF President.  He opened the meeting with a discussion of a new IRS ruling that will affect the Faculty Income Allowance Program (FIAP), the faculty compensation program that allows faculty to reduce their duties while working toward retirement.  Dr. Goldfine said that the new ruling states that if you take FIAP, you are not allowed to continue working at the same percent of effort—your percentage has to be under 20%.  Dr. Goldfine said that the university is suggesting 20-25%.  A faculty member who maintains a percent of effort approaching 50% could only do so with “special permission”.  Dr. Goldfine also said that, if a faculty member works more than 50%, he/she would be subject to an excise tax and a penalty.

ASEF website access - Rachael Berget reported on the topic of ASEF’s ability to update their website.  Rachael reported that, since the ASEF website is part of FAPD’s website, it is not possible to give ASEF access to make their own updates to their website without giving them access to FAPD’s entire website, too.  ASEF will not have the ability to update their own website unless they get their own server and their website is no longer part of FAPD’s website. Dr. Goldfine said that updates to the current ASEF website need to be made in a timelier manner.

ASEF’s office space – Dr. Arthur Asbury reported on the strong possibility that ASEF would be given office space on the 21st floor of Penn Tower.  Dr. Asbury said that the entire floor would be changed over to house CPUP administration, meeting and conference rooms, and ASEF.  He distributed two different floor plans, given to him by Earl Marsh, for the Executive Council’s consideration. 

The Executive Council discussed the merits of each floor plan.  The main objectives for the ASEF office space are for it to serve as office space for the ASEF organization and as office space for retired/emeritus faculty who may no longer have an office on campus. This space will be used for activities such as consultations with students or meetings between mentors and protégés. The office space needs several work surfaces and desktop computers.  Additionally, ASEF wants access to a conference room which is used primarily for ASEF meetings but can also be booked by others. 

Council members talked about ways to draw people to ASEF’s new office space.  Dr. Goldfine suggested that ASEF host a monthly wine and cheese reception.  Dr. McCarthy thought that, with the new FIAP rules, many departments would no longer give their emeritus faculty office space if they can only work 20% of the time, so the new ASEF work spaces will likely be used a lot.

Dr. Asbury said the cost of renovations to the space will presumably be borne by UPHS. Council members discussed the possibility of combining the work/library space with the lounge area.  Discussions about the layout of this space will continue once Dr. Asbury has gotten more information.

Emeritus title for Research Track – ASEF Council members went to the Medical Faculty Senate (MFS) about this matter.  Dr. Jonni Moore, Chair of MFS, said that this issue will be discussed at their meeting in March, because their February meeting is already scheduled to be a financial update from Chris Kops and Peter Quinn.

Post-Bac Mentoring Program – This program has been cancelled.  The new leadership in this program didn’t want to force students to participate in extracurricular activities.  Students were not signing up for the sessions.

Marshall Blume’s Talk on March 11, 2009 – Dr. Blume, from the Wharton School, will speak on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, at 5:00 p.m. in the Austrian Auditorium in the CRB.  The topic of his talk will be, “Retiring in This Financial Climate”.  We will hang copies of the flyer for this talk around the buildings.  We will also ask members to post the flyers in their departments.  We will also place posters on easels in strategic, high-traffic areas of Medical School buildings.

Retirement Community – There have been several suggestions about where to place this community.  Among these suggestions are the University City Sheraton Hotel, the Divine Tracy Hotel, and the International House.  It is unclear whether there will be room for it on the Postal Lands development site.

Speaker’s Bureau – Dr. MacGregor stated that he believes that many ASEF members have “canned” talks that they give often.  Dr. MacGregor plans on sending a letter out the ASEF members proposing that ASEF start a Speaker’s Bureau.  He asked Executive Council members to send him the names of any organizations to which the Speaker’s Bureau list should be sent.

Nominating Committee – As Past President of ASEF, Dr. MacGregor will chair the Nominating Committee.  The organization needs to select a new Secretary-Treasurer and a President-Elect.

Website Committee – Dr. Schleyer has some material that he wants to have put on the ASEF website.  He would like to have a new picture of the Executive Council members taken and posted on the website with their names in captions beneath the picture.  We need to add Drs. Heppenstall and Pasquariello to the picture of Executive Council members.  Dr. Schleyer again suggested developing an ASEF newsletter.

Monthly luncheon programs – Dr. Kefalides reported that the next speaker in the luncheon series will be Dr. Geoffrey Aguirre, whose talk is entitled, “What Lurks Behind a Neuro Image?” Also, Dr. Christos Coutifaris will speak on March 30, 2009, on the ethics of assisted in vitro fertilization.  Dr. McCarthy asked Dr. Kefalides if he could schedule more of these luncheon programs on a day other than Monday because that day is not optimal for everyone.

The next ASEF Executive Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 17, 2009.

Respectfully submitted,
Rachael J. Berget