Minutes of ASEF Executive Council
January 13, 2009

Dr. Jim Saunders opened the meeting at Noon. He announced that the "Hitchhiker's Guide" has been revised and updated. It has been reviewed by ASEF, PASEF and Dr. Walter Wales and will be distributed shortly, and posted on the ASEF Web Site.

Dr. Jim Saunders met with Vicki Mulhern and discussed how we might improve the dissemination of announcements. Changes are being made in the ASEF website so that a degree of direct access can be gained by the Association, thus facilitating the rapid update of important information.

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development is operating under a hiring freeze, and additional personnel, which could be assigned to assist the Association, must wait on a change in this policy. Since existing FAPD staff now have additional duties, every effort will be made to avoid undue burden by ASEF requests for service. A clear policy was formulated for how the Association can utilize resources in the FA{D Office.

Dr. Rob MacGregor(ASEF Past President) and Dr. Howard Goldfine (ASEF President-Elect) met with Dean Rubinstein in December to update him on Association activities and plans. Both felt it was a very positive meeting reflecting encouragement and support by the Dean.

Dr. Arthur Asbury reported that the request to the School of Medicine Administration for a dedicated space for the Association is progressing well and an announcement may be coming soon.

Considerable discussion occurred about whether faculty in the School of Medicine Research Track (a component of the Associated Faculty) should be granted Emeritus status on retirement. At present this is not the case. The central question is, what do these individuals have to demonstrate to qualify for the conferring of this honorary status? It was decided that the ASEF supports the idea that Research Track Faculty should be granted the title of Emeritus at retirement. Moreover, the thought is that this should not be a general action for all Associated Faculty, but rather targeted to the special circumstances of the Research Track. This is because faculty in this track have to pass a rigorous review of scholarly productivity by the School COAP before a promotion action can be recommended. The Council concluded that this issue should be placed before the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee (MFSSC), and that ASEF supports the conferring of this title on retired Research Track faculty.

Dr. Jim Saunders reported on the Post- Baccalaureate Health Program Mentoring activity sponsored by ASEF called "What it Means to be a Doctor". A number of Emeritus faculty members have already participated during the three sessions in October, November and December. There was good attendance and the meetings were judged to be very successful.

Dr. Jim Saunders, in collaboration with Dr. Neville Strumph (Chair-Elect, PSAEF) formed a team of emeritus faculty that met with the University officials in the Office of the Executive Vice President to discuss interest in, and the feasibility of, a University Retirement Community on campus for emeritus faculty. Jim had prepared a comprehensive document of background material that was presented to the EVP, Mr. Craig Carnaroli. Many issues were discussed such as potential locations on or near campus, the organization of such a community, the costs of provide comprehensive medical or long-term care, the entry and month-to-month expense, etc. Mr. Carnaroli expressed interest in the idea. The team requested that the Office of the EVP sponsor a commission to identify the wide scope of parameters of such a community that would be acceptable to Penn. Mr. Carnaroli indicated he would discuss this idea further with University leadership, but that the idea of creating such a review body seemed good. The current economic climate may not be conducive for such a project at this exact moment, but the EVP thought it would be appropriate to begin the effort to map out what such a community would look like on campus, for that time when the economic situation was more favorable.

Dr. Jim Saunders noted that several resignations have recently occurred in the At-Large positions on the ASEF Executive Council, and asked for suggestions of folks he could approach to serve in this capacity. A number of names were put forward.

Dr. Anna Meadows reported for the Program Committee. She asked Dr. Pat Pasquariello to serve as the Co-Chair on the committee and he has agreed. The late winter-early spring event of the ASEF will probably be in March 2009. It was the consensus of the Committee that an appropriate topic would be a presentation on the financial crisis and how it applies to and effects retirees. Dr. Meadows will write to the Dean of the Wharton School and ask for names of faculty that might be willing to speak.
The Vicki/Hilary meeting on "Planning for Retirement" will again be in May.

Dr. Arthur Asbury reported that dedicated space for an Association Meeting Area is currently being explored by the School Administration and an announcement is expected soon.

Dr. Marvin Steinberg reported for the Data Committee. He and Rachael Berget from the FAPD Office met with Dr. Jerry Porter (PSAEF President) to discuss ways to maintain and update an accurate and complete list of Emeritus faculty. A number of suggestions were made and ASEF will make every effort to follow them. Both Associations agreed to share Emeritus Faculty data.

Dr. Nick Kefalides announced that Dr. Robert Foster would be the luncheon speaker in February. For future lunch meetings, Dr. Kefalides is going to try line-up Drs. Clayton Kyle, Art Caplan and Christos Coutifaris.

Dr. David McCarthy has prepared an e-mail regarding volunteer service opportunities for retired physicians, with valid licenses, to practice in County Health Clinics with Malpractice Insurance covered by the State. This e-mail message will be sent to all ASEF members shortly.

Dr. Rob MacGregor is working on the development of a Speaker's Bureau.

The next ASEF Executive Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2009, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m.

Art Whereat