ASEF Council Meeting
Noon, Sept. 15, 2009
Room 209 Johnson Pavilion

Present: Drs. Dalinka, Goldfine, Heppenstall, Hess, Kefalides, Larossa, MacGregor, McCarthy, Meadows, Myers, Nachmias, Schleyer, Steinberg

The meeting was called to order by Howard Goldfine shortly after noon. He introduced two new members of council, Jeannie Myers and Vivianne Nachmias.

A discussion of the new space was initiated by Dr. Goldfine, who brought up the idea of having a reception for all ASEF members in September.

An update on the website indicated that progress was being made in including obituaries of recently deceased faculty and updating the events calendar.

Since Dr. Saunders was away, there was no extensive discussion of the proposed Penn retirement community. Dr. Goldfine noted that the university is planning to hire consultants.

Nick Kefalides discussed joint activities with PASEF which includes an extensive list of luncheon seminars, some sponsored by ASEF and some by PASEF producing approximately two per month during the academic term except in months with major holidays.

Emeritus title for research track faculty - Dr. Goldfine indicated that he, Jim Saunders and Brian Salzberg were looking into the emeritus status of research faculty in some peer institutions as requested by the Provost. Some members of council thought that we should not have to look outside for guidance on these matters.

Reports of the committees:

Dr. Meadows, Programs Committee, discussed planning for the reception on September 30th and the dinner for the new retirees which will be held in BRB II/III on October 27th. Dr. Steinberg commented that we should have given more consideration to going back to the Inn at Penn since it provided a warmer atmosphere. Since planning was too advanced at this stage, it was decided to give greater consideration to the Inn at Penn for the 2010 event.

Drs. McCarthy and MacGregor, Service Committee, reported that there were no new sites for participation of retired Penn physicians. Dr. MacGregor is in discussion with Dr. Julius Deren, about forming a Patient’s Advocacy Group which would provide support for patients. A fuller report will be forthcoming.

Dr. Steinberg provided an update on the Data Collection Committee and proposed that the name be changed to the Membership Committee. This does not require a change in the by-laws and was considered acceptable.

Dr. Schleyer’s report on the Retirement and Education Committee was discussed earlier.

Proposed dates for Council for the rest of the fall semester are:

Tuesday, 10/13
Tuesday, 11/17
Tuesday, 12/15

Respectfully submitted by
Howard Goldfine and Rachael Berget