ASEF Executive Council Meeting
12:00 to 1:30 PM; January 26, 2010
Ballam Board Room, 21 Penn Tower

Present: Drs. Asbury, Dalinka, Goldfine, Hess, Kefalides, LaRossa, Meyers, Saunders, Schleyer, Steinberg &Rachael Berget from the Office of Faculty Affairs

Absent: Drs. Downes, Heppenstall, McCarthy, Meadows, MacGregor, Nachmias, and Stinnett

Minutes: Dr Goldfine called the meeting to order at 12:05. The agenda for the meeting and other documents were distributed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Several corrections were noted, including the date of the next ASEF Council meeting, after which the minutes were approved.

Joint Activities with PASEF: Dr. Kefalides noted that a suggestion had been received to limit the e-mails announcements for the luncheon sessions coming out of PASEF and ASEF. After a discussion it was concluded that the need to advertise the luncheons outweighs any inconvenience, as long as it assures good attendance. Nevertheless it may be useful to consider sending only two e-mails per luncheon from each organization in the future.

Emeritus Title for Research Track Faculty: Dr. Goldfine reported that according to Dr. Rubin, the President and Provost of the University had rejected the proposal for a change in University policy in conferring the Emeritus title to retiring Research Track faculty. Apparently, the Association did not make a sufficiently compelling argument for a change. The data presented from peer institutions provided too little support for the issuing of an Emeritus title to Research Track faculty. It may be that the sample of seven sister institutions, used in the Association’s argument, was too small a number. Dr. Goldfine suggested that the matter now be turned back to the Research Track faculty to pursue further. If there is sufficient interest, they might survey a wider number of institutions. The Council agreed that this was a good suggestion and that the Association would support the Research faculty if they decided to move further on this issue.

Committee Reports:

Luncheon Seminar – Dr. Kefalides: The upcoming ASEF and PASEF luncheons were reported. This information, along with a biographical sketch and picture of each speaker is now available on the ASEF web site. It was announced that Dr. Asbury will assume the responsibility for the Luncheon program, beginning in February. He will only be responsible for the ASEF luncheon speakers. Dr. Asbury indicated that he will form a small Committee to help him in the identification of speakers. He will also review the AV facilities at the University club. Currently it provides only a screen and a projector. The laptop is currently being provided by Dr. Kefalides.

Service Committee – Dr. McCarthy and Dr. MacGregor. No report.

Program Committee – Dr. Meadows and Dr. Pasquariello (in absentia): The plans for the Spring Event were discussed. Dr. Nick DiNublie from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Penn’s Sports Medicine Program was considered an excellent choice. He has gained national prominence in programs of muscle and joint fitness as essentials for good health in the elderly. Dr. Steinberg agreed to approach him to see if he would be willing to make the spring presentation.

Education Committee – Dr. Schleyer: He is attempting to gain more pictures of ASEF events, and to gain pictures of our luncheon speakers. Their short bios need to stress their achievements.
He is developing links to Almanac memorial articles for the ASEF web site Memorial page. Links to additional biographic memorial sources will also be sought. The issue of including pictures of deceased ASEF members was discussed. The revised Hitchhikers Guide to Retirement has now been downloaded to the ASEF web site. Finally, Dr. Schleyer is in the process of working with Julian Pugh in the Office of Faculty Affairs to reorganize the first page of the website by updating pictures and text.

Membership Committee– Dr Steinberg: A further discussion was undertaken on how the Association can best keep track of emeritus faculty. Dr. Steinberg noted that in a recent Almanac article the new enhanced on-line University Directory plans to eliminate the identification of emeritus faculty. A discussion of this ensued with the issue being whether the Association wants emeritus faculty listed as such in the Directory. The conclusion was that this was preferable, since it provides another means of tracking emeritus faculty. Dr. Steinberg wants to get the Development Office in the SOM involved in tracking emeritus faculty.
A new ASEF survey was discussed. Emeritus faculty were surveyed in 2007 and our Senior faculty in 2008. The discussion centered on what information the new survey should seek, and the consensus was that it should ask what emeritus members want from the Association. This would assist in developing future programmatic activity. It was also noted that the face page of the survey should indicate that participation will be very brief, less than ten minutes. This might enhance the number of returns. The survey could also serve to update demographic information on emeriti.
Dr. Steinberg has been involved in initiating mentoring sessions for Penn undergraduate pre-medical students. He has been in contact with Peter Stokes in Career Services, who is enthusiastic about this effort. The tentative plan is to have two sessions, preferable before spring break, involving two or three physician faculty at each session. The faculty would provide opening remarks, and then the meeting would be turned over to the students for a Q and A session.

Retirement Community Committee – Dr. Saunders: The University Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services reported that the Cartographic Modeling Lab (CML) contract was delayed until late February because of its relocation to the SOM. It is expected that the CML demographic survey of Alumni, senior faculty and Emeritus faculty will begin in late February and be completed by mid-March.

Headquarters Committee – Dr. Saunders: During the 22 working days between December 17, 2009 and January 26, 2010 the ‘sign-in sheet’ for the ASEF space on 21 Penn Tower indicated 22 utilization events. The time spent in these events is not known. The activities undertaken were meetings, lunch meetings, grant reviews, grant writing, e-mailing, taking photos, making dictation, reading, and writing. In addition, there were two meetings held in the facility during that time and one Holiday Party. Dr. Saunders again thanked Anna Meadows and Jeanne Meyers for the holiday decorations. While the number of different visitors needs to be greater, the space is being used. Further discussion, at a future Council meeting needs to consider how we can enhance the utilization of ASEF space. All members are welcome to utilize the area and the entry code is 2733#. There is a lounge, study area, and private office. One of the computers has been relocated to the small office.

New Business: Dr. Goldfine suggested that it might be useful for him to print perhaps 50 copies of the Hitchhikers Guide to Faculty Retirement so that they are available for immediate distribution should he receive a request. The Council agreed. Walter Wales, Chair of the Hitchhikers Guide Committee at PASEF, asked the Association to identify a few new members for his committee. Dr. Goldfine will try and identify them. The Council moved to commend Dr. Wales for his efforts in bringing the Guide forth

Next Meeting: The next Executive Council meeting is February 23, 12:00 PM in the Ballam Boardroom, 21 Penn Tower. Future Executive Council meetings for the winter and spring of 2010 are scheduled for March 23, April 20, and May 18.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Saunders