ASEF Executive Council Meeting
12:00pm-1:30pm, November 16, 2010.

Conference Room B, Penn Tower 21


Present: Drs. Asbury, Dalinka, Edwards, Goldfine, Heyner, Hess, Kefalides, MacGregor, McCarthy, Meadows, Myers, Saunders, Schleyer, Steinberg, Winegrad, Nachmias, Karen Grasse (FAPD), Lisa Katz (SOM Development)
Absent: Dr. Heppenstall

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 by Dr. Kefalides and the minutes of the previous meeting (19 October) were approved.Susan Heyner, the new Secretary/Treasurer was introduced.

ASEF Scholarship Fund
Lisa Katz from the Development Office of the SOM discussed ways in which the ASEF could become involved. She specifically mentioned a naming opportunity in the new Medical Education Building and suggested that there be an ASEF room dedicated as a study area. She also brought two brochures from the Development Office to demonstrate examples. Square footage and design are not yet finalized. The timetable is January for new renderings of the building space. Dr. Steinberg asked about the minimum for a scholarship and we understood that $250,000 is needed to provide a partial scholarship. In order to maximize John Morgan Scholarships, matching funds are provided but donors are also recognized in gifts of $25,000. The new medical education building will provide opportunities for naming, e.g. a study room could be named for ASEF. Dr. Kefalides suggested a subcommittee consisting of himself, Dr. Goldfine, Dr. Asbury, Dr. Steinberg and Jeanne Myers to explore possibilities.

The Modern Library
Dr. Vivian Seltzer, President of PASEF, reported that Vice President for Libraries, Dr. Carton Rogers, delivered an excellent presentation at the October 2010 PASEF luncheon forum. It stimulated Dr. Seltzer to ask Dr. Rogers whether it would be possible to set up a short series of continuing education sessions for PASEF (also to include ASEF members) on the future of the Modern Library, and perhaps other titles to follow. Drs. Rogers and Seltzer, plus three PASEF members, will meet to plan next steps; this meeting is set for December 15th. Dr. Kefalides requested that this be summarized in an e-mail. Dr Asbury commented that Penn is one of eight libraries that are working together to provide single copies of significant documents, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication. Dr. Kefalides suggested that we could assemble a book collection for ASEF from publications by Emeriti Dr. Leonard Warren was given as an example. Questions were raised as to how far back we would go, how many books and how many are already out of print. Dr. Seltzer suggested that 21st floor of Penn Tower could be a part of retirement community and that we could even go to a series of interviews and get them published.

Dr. Kefalides had gone to the AROHE meeting at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, and he was keen to have Dr. Becca Levy come to Penn to speak about the Longevity Revolution in America. She has accepted our invitation and it was proposed that she come in either March or April.

It was agreed that the new format was a good one, and that more people attended than ever before. Dr. McGregor objected to the emphasis on emeriti and expressed the belief that this should include more ASEF membership and that it should be held in a more central location. Dr. Meadows commented that there was a problem with space this year and that planning will take place sooner for next year’s event. Next year we should try to get the new Dean. Dr. McGregor suggested that we should have a reception early and if possible, be in a more central location.

Committee Reports

Dr. McCarthy and Dr.. McGregor said they were hoping to get 12 people for ASEF advocacy but have not yet achieved the goal. Dr. Hess asked about what had happened to asking people from retirement communities—that hasn’t happened yet.

Lunch seminars
The attendance has been increasing. Dr. Asbury said that the third speaker from Monell will be coming next Friday. Dr. Kefalides will be organizing the Spring talks and will welcome suggestions. Janet Monge will give another talk as her previous one was swamped with questions. Dr. Saul Winegrad will give another talk and asked for speaker suggestions. Question was raised as to Lenape Room being too limiting. It was agreed to stick with the current arrangement. We agreed that one retirement talk per year was enough. Walter Wales suggested eliminating refreshments to keep down costs and it was agreed that ASEF and PASEF could have a combined annual retirement seminar.

It was suggested and agreed upon that a letter should be sent out to all NEW senior and emeritus members at, or shortly after, their formal inclusion in ASEF, welcoming them to membership. Presumably, this would come from our president and would briefly tell them of the more notable activities of ASEF. This should be separate from other communications from the President or Council to the membership at large. Dr. McGregor seconded that idea with a twice yearly paper letter of invitation. Dr. Saunders commented that 26 hours per month is a significant under utilization of our space, at 21 Penn Tower.

Retirement Community
Dr. Saunders said that the committee met in June and spoke with Cartography Labs. They are establishing outwardly expanding centers for demographics. This means they figure out where people live and the approx. cost of their selling house. Unfortunately, they figured on people moving into a retirement community at age 78, while statistics show people move around 75. Breck Associates is developing a marketing questionnaire to assess interest in moving into a community. The committee met yesterday to flesh out a vision statement. However, it is necessary to be more pro-active with the University. Options include Penn-Drexel interaction; other high points include the Penn Health system which could provide healthcare and hospice. Dr. Seltzer stated that it might be possible that continuing education programs become part of the program planning for the retirement community.

ASEF Holiday reception
The next Council meeting will take place on Dec. 21st at 2:00 pm followed by the reception at 3:30pm in our headquarters (21 Penn Tower). It was agreed to invite all ASEF Executive Council members, the ASEF general membership, and PASEF Executive Committee members, request RSVP’s, and then tailor the refreshments accordingly.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Susan Heyner, Ph.D.