Photo of ASEF Executive Council taken by Kayvon Nikoo on September 24, 2013

Seated, from left to right: Susan Heyner, Rob MacGregor, Peter Bloch, Nicholas Kefalides

Standing, from left to right: Ross Webber, Michael Broennle, Anna Meadows, Charles Stanley,

Howard Goldfine, Julius Deren, Jeanne Myers.



President: Jeanne C. Myers
Past President: Anna T. Meadows
Secretary-Treasurer: Susan Heyner

At-Large Members

Stanley Baum
Michael Broennle
Sandra Kramer
Virginia LiVolsi
Yvonne Paterson
Richard Salcido
Brian Salzberg
James Wheeler
Peter Wilding

Standing Committees

ASEF-PASEF Luncheon Seminars: Howard Goldfine, Peter Wilding
Space and Facilities: James Saunders, Marvin Steinberg
Programs and Special Events: Susan Heyner, Anna Meadows, Richard Salcido, Marvin Steinberg
Communications-Website: Michael Broennle, Kayvon Nikoo
Service: Stanley Baum, Howard Goldfine, Rob Roy MacGregor

Previous Presidents

Howard Goldfine, Rob Roy MacGregor, Anna Meadows, Jim Saunders, Marvin Steinberg

PASEF President

Jack Nagel, Political Science, SAS

Administrative Staff

Our staff provides key support to ASEF, emeritus faculty, and visitors.
Please feel free to direct questions about ASEF to any of our staff.

Kayvon Nikoo

Meetings of Executive Council, 2014/2015

Meetings of the ASEF Executive Council are scheduled
for the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December and June) in the Ballam Board Room,
21 Penn Tower from 12:00 to 1:30 PM:

Sep. 23, 2014
Oct. 28, 2014
Nov. 25, 2014
Dec. 16, 2014 (2:30 PM, Location TBD)
Jan. 27, 2015
Feb. 24, 2015
Mar. 24, 2015
Apr. 28, 2015
May 26, 2015
June 15, 2015

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Stanley Baum

Name: Stanley Baum
Dept: Radiology
ASEF: At-Large Member of Executive Council
Email | Phone: 215-662-2028 | View Profile

Peter Bloch

Name: Peter Bloch
Dept: Radiation Oncology
ASEF: At-Large Member of Executive Council; Luncheon Program
Email | Phone: 215-349-5978 | View Profile


Name: A. Michael Broennle
Dept: Anesthesiology
ASEF: At-Large Member of Executive Council
Email | Phone: 215-590-1875 | View Profile

Julius J. Deren

Name: Julius J. Deren
Dept: Gastroenterology
ASEF: Co-Chair, Service Committee
Email | Phone: 215-662-8900 | View Profile

Howard Goldfine

Name: Howard Goldfine
Dept: Microbiology
ASEF: Previous President
Email | Phone: 215-898-6384 | View Profile

Susan Heyner

Name: Susan Heyner
Dept: Obstetrics and Gynecology
ASEF: Secretary
Email | Phone: 215-456-8265 | View Profile


Name: Rob Roy MacGregor
Dept: Infectious Disease
ASEF: President, PASEF
Email | Phone: 215-662-3565 | View Profile

David McCarthy

Name: David M. McCarthy
Dept: Cardiology
ASEF: Co-Chair, Service Committee
Email | Phone: 215-662-2460 | View Profile

Anna T. Meadows

Name: Anna T. Meadows
Dept: Pediatrics
ASEF: President
Email | Phone: 215-732-8022 | View Profile

Jeanne C. Myers

Name: Jeanne C. Myers
Dept: Biochemistry
ASEF: President-Elect; Co-Chair, Program Committee
Email | Phone: 215-898-0712 | View Profile

Yvonne Paterson

Name: Yvonne Paterson
Dept: Microbiology
ASEF: At-Large Member of Executive Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-3461 | View Profile


Name: Richard Salcido
Dept: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
ASEF: At-Large Member of Executive Council
Email | Phone: 215-662-3620| View Profile


Name: James C. Saunders
Dept: Otorhinolaryngology
ASEF: Chair, Space and Facilities Committee
Email | Phone: 215-898-7504 | View Profile


Name: Marvin E. Steinberg
Dept: Orthopaedic Surgery
ASEF: Co-Chair, Program Committee
Email | Phone: 215-349-8695 | View Profile

History of ASEF Executive Council

Group Photos of ASEF Executive Council

Minutes of ASEF Executive Council