Letter from the President

January 1, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

As the New Year rolls in and a new decade begins, on behalf of the Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (ASEF), I extend my best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Year. ASEF is poised to continue the activities initiated in the early part of the academic year.

On July 1, 2010, I assumed the duties of the President of ASEF. Dr. Anna Meadows was voted President-Elect and Dr. Howard Goldfine became the Past President. Our administrative organization consists of the Executive Council, which is comprised of the latter three members and the Secretary/ Treasurer, Susan Heyner. Standing Committees and their Chairs include: The Membership Committee, Dr. Marvin Steinberg, Chair; Communications and Website Committee, Dr. Alan Myers, Chair; Service Committee, Co-Chairs, Drs. Rob Roy MacGregor and David McCarthy; Programs Committee, Co-Chairs, Drs. Anna Meadows and Patrick S. Pasquariello; Committee for Luncheon-Seminars, Dr. Nicholas Kefalides, Chair (until September 1, 2011), then Dr. Saul Winegrad, Chair. There are additional standing members of the Executive Council, which include Drs. Arthur Asbury, Marilyn Hess, James Saunders and Heinz Schleyer. Three at-large members include Drs. Murray Dalinka, Vivian Nachmias and Jeanne Myers. Dr. Vivian Seltzer, President of PASEF, is a member of the Executive Council ex-officio. There are two ad hoc Committees: the Advocacy Committee, Co-Chairs, Drs. Rob Roy MacGregor and David McCarthy; and the Retirement Community Committee, Co-Chairs, Drs. James Saunders and Neville Strumpf (from PASEF). Finally, there is the Hitchhiker's Guide to Retirement, which summarizes the issues that faculty members should review as they begin to consider retirement. Drs. Rob Roy MacGregor and Marvin Steinberg represent ASEF in the ASEF/PASEF Committee. The functions of the various committees are summarized on the ASEF website: www.med.upenn.edu/asef.

ASEF initiated a variety of activities which took place during the Fall semester. Notable among these were the Luncheon /Seminars that were very ably organized by Dr. Arthur Asbury.

Another equally important event was the Fall Emeritus Reception, which was held on October 26, 2010, in which we honored the 16 newly-designated emeriti. Dr. Nicholas Kefalides presented short bios of the new emeriti and Dr. Arthur Rubenstein, the Dean of the School of Medicine, was the featured speaker. The success of the Emeritus Reception was entirely due to the efforts of Dr. Anna Meadows, Program Committee Chair, and of Ms. Rachael Berget and Mr. Julian Pugh, of the Office of Faculty Affairs. Our thanks and congratulations go to them.

In October, Dr. Kefalides attended the biennial meeting of AROHE (Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education) in Middletown, Connecticut. AROHE represents a multi-campus association dedicated to providing a forum for discussing all aspects of retirement in higher education. Dr. Kefalides summarized the highlights of the AROHE meeting at the October meeting of the ASEF Executive Council.

A series of events are planned for the Winter/Spring semester. In February, Dr. Janet Monge gave an update of her Fall lecture on Big Brains and Small Teeth: The Evolution of Humans. Dr. Bert O'Malley, Chair of Otorhinolaryngology, will describe his experiences with Robotic Surgery. Dr. David Eisenhower, will discuss his book Going Home to Glory, a memoir of life with General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower during the decade following his presidency. Dr. Anthony Kroch, Chair of the Department of Linguistics, will recommend a faculty member from his department to lecture on the evolution of language and the influence of cultural and environmental factors. Finally, Dr. James Saunders will discuss hearing loss and aging, as well as methods of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Becca Levy, of Yale University, has agreed to give a major lecture in the spring on The Longevity Revolution. The exact dates of these events will be posted shortly on the ASEF web site.

On Thursday, May 19, 2011, a combined ASEF/PASEF event will feature Vicki Mulhern, from the Office of Faculty Affairs and Hilary Lopez, from the Office of Human Resources, who will discuss university benefits after retirement.

We urge you to try to participate in our activities and keep informed of the various events by following the listings in our website.


Nicholas A. Kefalides
ASEF President 2010-2011

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