Service Committee

This is a short list of service opportunities in which senior and emeritus faculty could make a huge contribution. To learn more, please contact Service Committee Chair,

Wissahickon Hospice

Hospice volunteer activities include:

  • visiting patients and their families
  • connecting clinical leaders at the hospice with opportunities to give presentations to various groups to educate the public about hospice services
  • Various other opportunities

Terence Carroll is Wissahickon's Director of Patient Services and in charge of the volunteer department.More contact information is forthcoming.


Lea School in West Philadelphia

There are several opportunities at H.C. Lea Elementary School (K-8) which is located at 47th and Locust Streets in West Philadelphia. The programs include a Garden Club (fall and spring) and a Science Club (winter), which meet on Tuesday afternoons for about 1-1/2 hours; and a Game Room (teaching children to play games ranging from Othello to chess) in the Thursday evening Community School, 6-8 pm. For further information, the contact person is Vivianne Nachmias, who can be reached by email ( or phone (215-748-4689).

Health Professions Advisory Board (HPAB)

This is a group of Penn faculty who assist undergraduates applying for admission to health professional schools (medicine, dental, and veterinary). Volunteer activities would include conducting mock interviews with students, and providing feedback to them and the HPAB. The time committment for each interview is about an hour (30 minutes for the interview and 30 minutes writing up the feedback). For information, contact Psyche Ready (administrative assistant in Career Services) by email ( or phone (215-898-1789).

The Homeless Medical Clinic

Freshmen medical students operate a clinic for the homeless at a soup kitchen on 38th Street every Wednesday evening. Clients that have a complaint are interviewed and briefly examined by a student. The HUP pharmacy sends a pharmacist and a large supply of medications. A licensed physician must be present to review the findings and dispense medication. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn basic history taking and examination, while rewarding them with the satisfaction of making a contribution. The clinic is constantly in need of physician volunteers.

The Sayre Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Project

Hundreds of Penn students and dozens of faculty members from a number of Penn schools and departments work with students at the Sayre Middle School in West Philadelphia. Our medical students give talks on nutrition,healthy life style and avoidance of drugs and sexually transmitted disease. Our students also do exams and surveys. They also assist the Sayre students in devising and conducting research projects. This has resulted in Sayre students participating in poster presentations and science competitions.


Senior and emeritus faculty can be very helpful in a number of spheres. They can help in the orientation of new faculty, for instance in assisting finding new homes or navigating through the offices and bureaucracy of the university. Mentors are needed to advise young faculty in meeting promotion requirements. Junior faculty could use help writing grants and finding sources of funding.

Helpmates and/or ombudsmen are valuable for junior faculty who are faced with personal, financial or administrative problems. Call the Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Office(215-898-4621).

Skills Bank

We would like to create a log of faculty with particular skills or talent. The objective is to make such information available to junior faculty so that they know who to approach if they have a special need.

The Advance faculty professional development program in the School of Medicine runs a number of seminars and conferences, targeted primarily to our junior faculty. We would welcome any senior or emeritus faculty who would like to facilitate sessions on grant-writing, writing for scientific journals, teaching effectiveness, career management, or technology training. Call the Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Office (215-898-4621).

Global Health Programs

The Global Health Programs office has a program to recruit international postdoctoral fellows. Currently we are getting about two registrants monthly. We try to match them with Penn faculty who have already funded postdoctoral positions and are looking for candidates to fill them. We could use some help to take on some of these registrants and to help locate possible faculty mentors. It requires ASEF members with a knowledge of the penn faculty and a willingness to help match making.

We would brief any interested ASEF member in detail about this program, to see if there was a fit.

Contact Neal Nathanson - Associate Dean, Global Health Programs (610-420-2178)

College for Kids

College for Kids is a concept by which educational resources will serve as a binding force towards developing in youth participants an awareness and knowledge of diverse career opportunities. Student ages are 9-12.

For 5 Saturdays, a portion of the program (45 mins) is dedicated to the different fields of medicine. College for kids is looking to have doctors from Penn introduce the youth to various principles and practices of medicine. It is asked that doctors for example bring along a piece of equipment to make the class as interactive as possible.

For more information, please contact Michelle Wells Lockett, Office of Diversity and Community Outreach (215 746 6658).

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