Postdoctoral Fellows

     Prospective postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to make initial contact by email. Initial contact should demonstrate a mastery of written English communication and include:

  • a complete curriculum vitae
    • bibliography should not include any abstracts, posters, "in preparation", or "submitted" manuscripts
    • please list reviews, book chapters, or other publications that are not primary research separately from primary research
  • visa / immigration status (or confirm that you are a US citizen)
  • evidence of familiarity with recent publications from this lab
  • evidence of scientific productivity (two or three recently published first-author papers)
  • a brief (one-line) statement of long-term career goals
  • an explanation of how a fellowship in this lab will help achieve those goals
  • a short list of references I may contact (do not ask for references to be sent to me)

As of March 1, 2018, there is a new postdoctoral position open for someone interested in working on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, oxidative stress, the biophysics of protein-lipid interactions, and brain lipid metabolism. The projects involve tandem mass spectrometry, various advanced analytical spectroscopic techniques, computational chemistry, whole-animal handling, and microsurgical skills. Experience in any of these areas is an advantage, but a mastery of other advanced research techniques will be accepted as evidence of an ability to learn the skills needed to be productive in this lab.

Note to overseas applicants: an in-person interview will be required before any appointment is made. Interviews may be conducted at the Biophysical Society Meeting on February 17/18, 2018, in San Francisco if travel to Philadelphia is not possible.