Department of Psychiatry
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Neuropsychiatry Section

Neuropsychiatry Section

Brain Behavior Laboratory

Computerized Neurocognitive Battery (CNB)

Director: Ruben Gur, PhD

The Computerized Neurocognitive Battery, or CNB, developed in the Brain Behavior Lab at Penn, is a series of computerized tests that measure accuracy and speed of performance in major domains of cognition, including social-cognition. There is a wide selection of tests, which have been combined depending on available time and conditions. For example,we have applied in large-scale clinical and genomic studies a 1-hour battery that measures the Executive functions of abstraction and mental flexibility,attention, and working memory, Episodic memory for words, faces and figures, Intellectual functioning including verbal and nonverbal reasoning and spatial orientation, facial emotion processing and sensorimotor and motor speed. The tests are formatted like computer games and puzzles, and are administered to research participants and patients usually as part of a comprehensive neuropsychiatric assessment. The CNB has been administered at Penn and collaborating sites to thousands of healthy participants and patients with brain disorders, ages 8 - 90. The web-based CNB, called PennCNP, is made available to qualified brain researchers around the world.