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J. Cobb Scott, PhD

J Cobb ScottDr. J. Cobb Scott completed a B.A. in Psychology at Wesleyan University, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with specialization in Neuropsychology at the University of California, San Diego, and clinical internship at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System. Dr. Scott joined the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry in 2013. Broadly, his research interests include the cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology of neuropsychiatric disorders. More specifically, Dr. Scott is interested in characterizing dysfunctional neurocircuitry in PTSD; using fMRI and neuropsychological methods to investigate the overlap between PTSD and substance abuse; and the relationship between neuropsychological and everyday functioning outcomes in psychiatric disorders.



1999    Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, BA in Psychology

2006    SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, San Diego, CA, MS in Psychology

2009    SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, San Diego, CA, PhD in Clinical Psychology, Specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology

2009    VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven, CT, 2009 Predoctoral Internship - Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology (APA-accredited)

Academic Positions:

2013              Staff Clinical Psychologist, Philadelphia VA Medical Center,Clinical Associate, Department of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

2012-2013       Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, Staff Clinical Psychologist, VA Connecticut Healthcare System

2012                Associate Research Scientist, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine    


2014 - Blue Ribbon Award, American Psychological Association, Division 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology)

2011 - NIH Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program Recipient, NIMH

2006 - Benton-Meier Scholarship, American Psychological Association, Division 40

2007 - Theodore H. Blau Student Poster Award, National Academy of Neuropsychology 27th Annual Conference

Selected Publications:

Scott, J. C., Matt, G. E., Wrocklage, K. M., Crnich, C., Jordan, J., Southwick, S. M., Krystal, J. H., & Schweinsburg, B. C. (in press). A quantitative meta-analysis of neurocognitive functioning in posttraumatic stress disorder. Psychological Bulletin.

Pietrzak, R. H., Scott, J. C., Neumeister, A., Lim, Y., Maruff, P., Ames, D., Ellis, K., Harrington, K., Lautenschlager, N., Szoeke, C., Martins, R., Masters, C., Villemagne, V., & Rowe, C. Anxiety symptoms moderate the effect of cerebral amyloid on memory decline in healthy older adults: A three-year prospective cohort study. British Journal of Psychiatry, in press.

Scott, J. C., Pietrzak, R. H., Southwick, S. M., Jordan, J., Silliker, N., Brandt, C. A., & Haskell, S. G. Military Sexual Trauma Interacts with Combat Exposure to Increase Risk for Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology in Women Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, in press.

Scott, J. C., Pietrzak, R. H., Mattocks, K., Southwick, S. M., Brandt, C., & Haskell, S. (2013). Gender Differences in the Correlates of Hazardous Drinking Among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 127, 15-22.

Tsai, J., Whealin, J. M., Scott, J. C., Harpaz-Rotem, I., & Pietrzak, R. H. (2012). Examining the relation between combat-related concussion, a novel five-factor model of posttraumatic stress symptoms, and health-related quality of life in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 73, 1110-1118.

Schweinsburg, B. C., Scott, J. C., Schweinsburg, A. D., Jacobus, J., Theilmann, R. J., Frank, L. R., Weber, E., Grant, I., & Woods, S. P. (2012). Altered prefronto-striato-parietal network response to mental rotation in HIV. Journal of Neurovirology, 18, 74-79.

Pietrzak, R. H., Scott, J. C., Harel, B. T., Lim, Y. Y., Snyder, P. J., & Maruff, P. (2012). A process-based approach to characterizing the effect of acute alprazolam challenge on component processes of visual paired associate learning and memory in healthy older adults.  Human Psychopharmacology, 27, 549-558.

Scott, J. C., Woods, S. P., Vigil, O., Heaton, R.K., Schweinsburg, B. C., Ellis, R. J., Grant, I., & Marcotte, T.D. (2011). A neuropsychological investigation of multitasking in HIV infection: Implications for everyday functioning. Neuropsychology, 25, 511-519.

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Scott, J. C., Woods, S. P., Carey, C. L., Weber, E., Bondi, M. W., Grant, I., & The HNRC Group. (2011). Neurocognitive consequences of HIV Infection in older adults: An evaluation of the "cortical" hypothesis. AIDS and Behavior, 15, 1187-1196.

Iudicello, J. E., Woods, S. P., Vigil, O., Scott, J. C., Cherner, M., Heaton, R. K., Atkinson, J. H., Grant, I., & The HNRC Group. (2010). Longer term improvement in neurocognitive functioning and affective distress among methamphetamine users who achieve stable abstinence. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 32, 704-718.

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Woods, S. P., Delis, D. C., Scott, J. C., Kramer, J. K., & Holdnack, J. A. (2006). The California Verbal Learning Test - second edition: Test-retest reliability, practice effects, and reliable change indices for the standard and alternate forms. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 21, 413-420.

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