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Neuropsychiatry Section

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Who We Are and Who We Treat

The CNES is part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, a nationally honored academic medical center, and PENN Behavioral Health, nationally and regionally acclaimed for the quality of its diverse health care programs.  

CNES clinicians are an internationally known interdisciplinary team of neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and neuroradiologists providing state-of-the-art assessment and care to patients with acute and chronic brain conditions.   We specialize in assessment and care of adolescents (16 and older) and adults who suffer from brain related disorders with complex behavior change, such as traumatic brain injury, epilepsy and stroke, psychotic and mood disorders, and neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders.   We also provide second opinions and we consult with other health care providers.


How We Work

Patients undergo a comprehensive neuropsychiatric examination by clinicians expert in the overlap between psychiatric and neurological disorders.   If needed, patients undergo a neuropsychological evaluation assessing intellectual abilities, abstraction and problem solving skills, memory and learning, language and related functions, attention, concentration, complex sensory-motor function, academic skills, and emotion processing abilities.   Structural and functional brain imaging is performed as needed.   Following evaluation, patients and their referring clinicians receive detailed feedback with specific recommendations for pharmacological, behavioral, and neurocognitive management.   Periodic follow-up evaluation can be provided to monitor treatment response and outcome.

Payment Arrangements

Insurance coverage that specifically pays for outpatient psychiatry and neuropsychological evaluation may cover part of the cost of evaluation and treatment.   We recommend that you contact your insurance carrier to confirm the amount of your evaluation and treatment that is covered.