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Neuropsychiatry Section

Elliot Yodh, BA

Elliot Yodh, BACurrently at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, I am a clinical research coordinator for the Brain Behavior Laboratory for the Neuropsychiatry division of HUP.  I was initially hired to focus on the neuroimaging/acquisition side of the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Genomics: Trajectories of Complex Phenotypes and the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort (GO/GO2) that ended in August of 2013 upon completion of 2000+ developing adolescents.    This was an NIMH funded initiative aimed to understand how brain maturation mediates cognitive development and vulnerability to psychiatric illness, and to gain a better understanding of how genetics influences this process.  At the Center for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry, I schedule, consent, and conduct structural and functional neuroimaging procedures for internal and external NIH funded protocols including:

  • Brain-Behavior and Genetic Studies of the 22q11DS
  • Neurophysiology of Social-emotional Dysfunction in Schizophrenia (CONTE)
  • Stress and Memory Study(SMS)
  • Neuroimaging and Weight Status (NEWS)
  • Cognitive Remediation Training (CRT)
  • Olfactory Neuroimaging markers of Heightened Developmental Risks of Schizophrenia (ONM)

Additionally, I am learning basic-level data analysis for functional and structural data for these projects. 


  • Bachelor of Arts; Macalester College


  • Clinical Research Coordinator

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